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Sources Claim Hillary Clinton is Planning to Use Food as a Weapon to Starve Political Dissenters

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Would a President Hillary Clinton, perhaps facing massive unrest and outrage over her election, actually use the power of her office to starve her political opponents into submission? Some sources say that is exactly what she is planning to do.

A report in cites as Clinton’s authority for such a brazen move an Executive Order signed by her predecessor – and the man who kept her out of court and likely out of prison – President Barack Obama. In 2011 Obama signed EO 13603.

According to the report, several claims are made:

1) The Department of Homeland Security has been stockpiling food – for years now – in anticipation of … something. A long-term-storage food supplier (here) claims to have been contacted by DHS personnel in 2013 inquiring how many meals per person, per day, the company could provide, whether it could mass-ship food supplies and whether supplies could be shipped within 24 hours.

This source claims that DHS began soliciting for mass quantities of storable foods in 2010, ostensibly to prepare for some kind of major widespread disaster.

And this source claims that the federal government began stockpiling food as early as 2008:

A Wall Street Journal columnist has advised people to “start stockpiling food” and an ABC News Report says “there are worrying signs appearing in the United States where some … locals are beginning to hoard supplies.” Now there’s concern that the U.S. government may be competing with consumers for stocks of storable food.

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