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SILVER – Currency For Collapse

by Ken Jorgustin Modern Survival Blog:

At the highest level, silver is used in industry, in jewelry, and as an investment (and/or wealth preservation). Together, these three categories represent more than 95 % of annual silver demand.

Silver has been used as a medium of exchange dating back to the earliest of records. It has always been considered to be a form of ‘money’. Even up until the late 19th century, most nations were on a silver standard as to their ‘money’, with silver coins making up the main circulating currency.

The thing is, even though today’s silver coins are not used as national currency (replaced by Fiat ‘paper’), silver is still collected, stacked, and invested by many people as a hedge against today’s modern currency and a collapse thereof. People who know history may also know that EVERY ‘paper’ currency ever created has ALWAYS collapsed. And most critical-thinking people today know that our current system and foundation is no longer on solid ground…

Today’s current silver price movement exemplifies that many people are acquiring physical silver as its ‘paper’ price equivalent has increased handsomely this year from approximately the $14 range to a $20 range – even despite the interventions by government and central banks to keep the price repressed.

That’s a stunning move of 40% since January this year…

Here’s a challenge: After you have purchased your first 1-ounce silver coin such as the Royal Canadian Mint ‘Silver Maple Leaf’ (from, hold that coin in one hand and a $20 bill in the other… Which one feels more like ‘real money’ to you? It’s interesting…

For the preparedness-minded, it makes logical sense to preserve some of one’s wealth in a form that has been accepted for thousands of years – silver.

While a reflexive ‘knee-jerk’ reaction might be to say something like “You can’t eat silver, so what good is it during SHTF collapse?”, the fact is that there are innumerable hypothetical collapse scenarios – many or most of which are not all-out Armageddon. Silver is one way to preserve one’s excess wealth.

Lets say that the dollar one day is inflating away (e.g. hyperinflation), and its purchasing power has diminished greatly. While ‘the system’ still holds together (pre-collapse), precious metals such as silver will become highly priced within the inflated currency – thus holding its value and/or even increasing its purchasing power from a previous time (today) when price manipulation had held it very artificially low. In this example, silver will have been an extraordinary investment.

Lets say that today’s current paper currency has one day become essentially worthless (post-collapse), and regional bartering has become the new normal during ‘the collapse’. While goods and services are a means of exchange, there’s little doubt that silver too will be a medium of exchange. A 1oz silver coin may become a very high value – requiring the use of smaller denominations of silver such as so called junk silver (small denomination pre-1965 coins that are recognizable thus easy to use in commerce/trade) to exchange for say, a sack of potatoes…

There are several reputable precious metals dealers online. You might consider to acquire some amount of physical silver – not only for financial insurance but for diversification and peace-of-mind. You might consider to diversify and regularly convert a percentage of your fiat paper currency into physical silver – as insurance against the current system. Of course it should go without saying that one’s own preps need to be in reasonable order first.

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5 comments to SILVER – Currency For Collapse

  • Chuck

    Many currency problems are a result of using a “store of value” as a “medium of exchange”, whether metallic or fiat.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    As opposed to exchanging things that have no value for stuff?

    Who exchanges real things of value, for something that is known to be worthless?

    Perhaps you might expand or improve your statement a bit?

    • Chuck

      Savings in gold. Spending money in whatever people are willing to use: paper, bitcoin, etc.

      People use fiat all the time to buy vehicles, houses, furniture, food, clothing, and so on. The printed paper is worthless but people still use it. If you sell a little of your “store of value”, say gold, for a bundle of paper, you can take that paper to buy real things. THAT is what a “medium of exchange” is for.

      So, to answer your question, virtually the entire planet exchanges real things of value for something that is worthless, and then back again to things of value. You forgot that last little bit. 😉

  • Moishe

    non-usurious paper money based on GDP is best Hitler & others proved that, Jewish oligarchs hated him for it. It is the only Achilles heel.

    • Eric

      They only hated him for it because it challenged their system. Paper money is still just credit. Silver is the achilles heel of the jewish financiers.

      “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.” -Voltaire

      Gold is the money of Kings
      Silver is the money of Gentlemen
      Barter is the money of peasants
      Debt is the money of slaves.

      “Know thyself” -Socrates

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