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Shlomo Sand “Jews Have No Historic Connection To The Holy Land. It’s A Myth.”

from The Richie Allen Show:

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5 comments to Shlomo Sand “Jews Have No Historic Connection To The Holy Land. It’s A Myth.”

  • Eric

    He’s right you know. The 12 tribes of Israel refer to the 12 systems of the body. Not only that, but the holocaust was a complete fabrication. The real holocaust was the slaughter of 8 million Germans between 1945 and 1952. Most of the pictures you see of concentration camps are Germans. Ellie Weasel was a liar. And my Israeli buddy Jacob has been uber brainwashed.

  • Howard Roark

    “Shocking”, Eric’s right…all they need is love…

    • Eric

      Howard, Israel is a rich country. Only a racist would oppose non Jewish immigration to Israel. Israel would benefit financially and culturally from mass immigration from Africa and Mexico.. Israel is now going into multicultural mode. It’s a huge transformation for Israel to make. But without this transformation Israel will not survive. Israelis should marry more Africans. How can love be racist?

      • Howard Roark

        Absolutely, Eric, the notion of a nativist culture and identity is completely racist…and Israel is at the center of that. Mr. Satanyahoo, stop diddling the little boys and TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!!

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