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SchiffGold Merges with Gold Money, Peter Schiff and Josh Crumb Educating and Enriching

from SchiffGold:

SchiffGold, LLC is excited to announce they have been acquired by and will join forces with Gold Money (formerly BitGold). In this video Peter Schiff explains the details of the merger of SchiffGold and Gold Money. He speaks with Gold Money’s co-founder and commodity king Josh Crumb. “Governments choose paper as money to help advance their agenda-so they can play Santa Clause. Gold has been declared money by the free market, the people choose Gold as money. Forget about BREXIT and countries leaving big government, its central banking that we ALL need to EXIT from. Goldmoney and SchiffGold provide the vehicles to put ourselves on our personal gold standards.” – Peter Schiff

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4 comments to SchiffGold Merges with Gold Money, Peter Schiff and Josh Crumb Educating and Enriching

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    My respect for Peter has grown because of how he admits where he made mistakes and felt resentment, etc, and he has changed his mind and changed his statements when he discovered he was wrong.

    How FEW people actually SEE they were wrong & admit to it, and then JOIN the RIGHT side of the move?

    And I’m only about half way thru this video, and already has been GOOD.

    I opened up a “gold money / (Bitgold acct)” and I buy some gold (using my bank debit card, or even a normal CREDIT card), and then when I want to “spend some of my gold”, I “SELL” it and have it loaded into the GoldMoney Debit Card.

    But it’s NOT accepted everywhere (probably because it’s a Canadian Based Company). It is MASTERCARD, but it has NOT been accepted at Winn Dixie grocery store chain, and also, it is NOT accepted at WalMart.

    One ATM I’ve found here, charges a $4 fee, and the ATM inside Winn Dixie charges $6 for cash. Ouch. But hey, at least it’s not based on FIAT paper money.

    I’m gonna email them and ask if they’ll do something to make this debit card to be accepted at Walmarts, and/or, if some ATM’s might be available that either charge NO fees, or a small fee.

    My next step, will be to LINK my bank account to my GoldMoney account, so that when I “sell” gold I can just “click it’ to go into my regular checking/savings account, and THEN I can use my normal checking account DEBIT card in all the places that let me use it (as compared to all the places that don’t accept the CAnadian-GoldMoney-MasterCard.

    My checking account Debit card, also has NO FEES at several ATM’s around the neighborhood.

    Here’s another TIP, for people who are in a situation where they want to take a “Cash advance” from a normal CREDIT card (the interest and fees are MUCH higher for “cash advances”….SOoooo,,, in THAT situation, go into your GoldMoney (BitGold account) and use your Credit card to BUY GOLD (at the normal interest rate for PURCHASES), and then sell gold and have it “loaded” either into their MasterCard debit card, or send it into your “linked” bank account and use your OWN debit card to access those funds.

    GoldMoney charges 1% to buy gold, and 1% to SELL gold, so you’ll only pay this on top of what your credit card charges to buy a product (physical GOLD).

    • Millicent

      Can you redeem physical if you want to?

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        Yes, you can get PHYSICAL ounces and you can get as FEW as the 10 gram minimum for physical delivery the same way that SD Bullion, Provident, & Apmex deliver it to you, is thru the official mail system of your national government.

        There is a mailing fee, and the “premium over spot” price (as with EVERY precious metal purchase from every dealer that sells gold.)

        But the fee, is smaller than the typical bullion dealers who charge a premium on every ounce, but with GoldMoney/Bitgold, the fee (as I understand it), is NOT a “per ounce” fee, but a ONE event fee of about $30.

        So if you’ve got 10 or 50 ounces being delivered, (I believe) the $30 covers ALL of them together. (Minimum is 10 grams, and the fee is the same.)

        Here is a tip for the future for everybody who owns some ounces and does NOT want to get stuck with paying the CAPITAL GAINS tax on the price increase from time of purchase until time of spending it.

        Let’s say you bought ounces at less than $1,500 per ounce, and when you wish to “spend them”, etc, the price has reached $5,000 per ounce (and you’d have to pay more than $1,000 per ounce of “profit tax”).

        In that case, you do NOT “sell” your gold and take the payout, but you pay the DELIVERY FEE and get it in the mail TAX FREE (until you officially “sell” it.)

        I wonder how the “tax man” views it when you “exchange” an ounce of bullion, for an equal weight SOVEREIGN Legal Tender Coins (also gold). So your ounce is “market value” of $5000, and the sovereign gold coin of the SAME weight, but has a “FACE VALUE” of only $50 or $100, you may (or may NOT) be able to claim you made NO profit?

        Logically, it seems crazy for a government to argue that the value price they place on their own coins is false?

  • GoldTooth999

    Turk and Schiff are drinking the Soros Kool-aid. BTC to AU and vice versa sound great, but the platform desperately needs new leaders after this major announcement.

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