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Rule by Ponzi

from Rogue Money:

Earlier this week, UKIP London member Gerard Batten sat cross-armed at the European Parliament and began his justified spitting at George Soros across the room. To achieve even greater dramatic effect, he ripped off his headphones and locked eyes with the wrinkled old reptile and uttered these words:

“You say Brexit will result in a financial crisis. Yes, we can expect one to be deliberately engineered by the crooks at Goldman Sachs and various other financial institutions because I predicted that long before the vote. There is a real crisis looming, however, that has nothing to do with Brexit. There is a financial crisis that is coming anyway. And that is because the Eurozone and most of the public finances of European countries are nothing but gigantic Ponzi schemes which are heading for a crash…. And by the way, however big this crisis is, I’d be surprised if you didn’t make some money out of it as you usually do!”

The tirade was, of course, a self-evident statement of what Rogue Money readers have always known. The European Union functions as nothing more than an engineered fantasy created to serve the needs of banksters and supranational corporations. However, we’d like to note that the cross-armed body gesture is associated more with a defensive position rather than an offensive one. We have no doubt that Batten is consciously convinced that a continent-wide movement is underway for people to re-assert democracy and let Freedom ring. However, unconsciously, is he aware that there is always a Hidden Hand leading the geopolitical orchestra?

The Brexit is a return to national sovereignty, but it does not guarantee popular sovereignty.
— Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan is another one of those lone voices in the wilderness who, along with the likes of Brandon Smith, continue alerting us that all is not what it appears to be. His Voltaire Network has been posting a flurry of articles that draw attention to the UK’s true motivation for her divorce from the European Union. We also have hinted at this in our previous blogs, “Running to Catch the Silk Road Express” and “European DisUnion.” Meyssan is keenly aware that London is in fierce competition with Frankfurt to play homebase for the offering of Chinese yuan-denominated bonds. We thank Meyssan for reminding us why the Brexit will have muted impact on the activities of the City of London bankers as posted in his article, “The Brexit Reshuffles World Geopolitics” (linked here):

Contrary to what the European Press claims, the City of London is not directly concerned by the Brexit. Because of its particular status as an independent state placed under the authority of the Crown, it has never been part of the European Union. Of course, it will no longer be able to shelter the head offices of certain companies which will retreat back into the Union, but on the contrary, it will be able to use the sovereignty of London to develop the yuan market. Already in April, it obtained the necessary privileges by signing an agreement with the Central Bank of China. Besides which, it may develop its activities as a fiscal paradise for Europeans.

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