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from Bill Whittle:

Sweden is becoming the rape capital of Europe — no one knows why; it’s an utter mystery — but good news, everyone! THE SWEDISH POLICE ARE ON THE JOB.

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  • Randy

    Is he kidding there at the end? Doesn’t he have even the slightest clue at all that the teachings of Islam are to do just what it is that they are doing? Here’s what the knuckle headed fool is obviously missing; Muslim men by and large, consider ALL women to be whores of some kind, it’s just that some sell their body for a different price. They either charge money directly for sexual favors, or they take a marriage vow and accept food and a roof over their head in exchange for allowing a man to put his penis inside her vagina. But ALL WOMEN ARE CONSIDERED TO BE PROSTITUTES AND DEALT WITH AS SUCH!!
    Unless and until that misogynistic mind set is done away with, and respect for women and children is then put into that space instead, you will NEVER EVER get those men to stop physically abusing women and children!
    The REAL solution is to offer them the opportunity to self deport, on their own dime, since that’s how they got there, or give up Islam and assimilate into European cultures. If they refuse to do either, then haul their asses back to where they came from, stripped down bare naked, and just push them off the planes as soon as they land and be DONE with the problem!! Why should Sweden or ANY other country bend over backwards to accommodate these ignorant and overly inbred FOOLS who cannot learn such a simple thing as to love and respect women and children?
    They have no right to practice a misogynistic political ideology at the expense of people who want peace and to be left alone!
    Oh, that’s right, I’m making just waaay too much sense again, so I need to sit down and shut up, right?

    • aa

      I think you are referring to the “what would Muhammad do” armband idea which was meant as a cynical joke. Remember right after he said that he said “but the idea is to end the abuse.” Translation: Rape is exactly what Muhammad would do because he is an evil lunatic and his followers are just doing what he would do.

  • d

    IF you want the real facts about POLITICAL ISLAM…U Tube Dr Bill Warner…HE will ‘enlighten’ you….a lot of info you have NEVER heard ….then you can offer an informed opinion……imho

    @ aa

    you are on the right path…listen to Dr Bill Warner for clarity and backup…he is the real deal about political Islam and its Muhammad

    • aa

      Yes d I am a big fan of Dr. Bill Warner. All the politically correct nincompoops should watch this one: I have been educated regarding Islam from many reliable sources over the years and it has been a monumental scourge and curse on the earth from it’s inception. I believe Dr. Warner compared it to a malignant and metastasizing cancer. Dr. Warner estimates the total body count from Islamic Jihad throughout the past 1400 years to be 270 million souls.

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