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Retirement Dreams and Nightmares!

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

You want to retire? The retirement dreams of most Americans, Japanese, and Europeans are threatened.



There are many reasons.

  • We can’t quit working – we need health insurance, even when the rates increase by double digits each year. Grim!
  • We can’t afford to retire – we have too much debt. We have lived beyond our means, just like our governments, for decades, by borrowing from the future – that is, going into debt to pay today’s expenses with tomorrow’s income.

    The official US national debt is approaching $20 trillion – a huge number, and do not believe that “deficits don’t matter.” For those approaching retirement, deficits and debt do matter because they suck cash from current retirement income to pay for yesterday’s expenses.

  • We need more income since Social Security income will barely pay for housing. Systematic debasement of the US dollar (euro, yen, pound) has increased the cost of living and predictably, the US government has responded by changing the process by which the cost of living increases for Social Security Benefits are calculated. Government has collected the SS taxes and spent it on many other items, so they increase SS benefits slower than our cost of living increases. No surprise here, but expect it to continue.
  • And many more…



  • Too much debt, too little income, expenses too high, cost of living increasing every year, and retirement income increases (if any) do not keep pace with increasing cost of living.
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2 comments to Retirement Dreams and Nightmares!

  • Sam

    The new work place phrase is becoming “WORK TILL YOU DROP”….

  • Ed_B

    “We can’t quit working – we need health insurance, even when the rates increase by double digits each year. Grim!”

    Actually, we do not ‘need’ health insurance but we have been convinced that we do. Health insurance, like all other forms of insurance, has as its first duty to convince otherwise smart people that they actually NEED it. We don’t. Millions of Americans were born, lived, and died with no health insurance. If someone was sick or hurt, family cared for them until they got well. If they did not get well, well, that was why we all went to church on Sundays. The current hysterical cry for more/better/cheaper HEALTH INSURANCE is but a reflection of our being terrified of dying, IMO.

    Those of us who are not terrified of death are MUCH more reasonable about our health insurance “needs”. Taking better care of ourselves, both physically and spiritually, is the 1st step in ridding ourselves of this obsession with health care and the expensive insurance that tags along with it.

    When my grandparents grew up in the early part of the 20th century, the idea of insurance was pretty much absent from the American psyche. When it did pop up, it was widely seen as a scam. Taking care of the insured was not what has built all those glass and steel insurance company towers in every major US city… but obscene profits did. Ditto for banking.

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