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Radiation Emitted from Smart Meters 100 Times Greater than Cell Phones – and Exposure is Constant

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News:

Energy companies are billing them as the “green” solution to traditional meters. But are so-called “smart” meters really all that smart? And, more importantly, are they really as safe as we’re all being told they are?

Some 65 million American homes already have them, and more are being converted all the time, even against the will of some homeowners. And yet many doctors agree that smart meters are a potential health threat due to constant releases of radiation.

Smart meters operate via a two-way communications system in which energy usage is tabulated wirelessly inside the meter and transmitted to the energy company that owns it. No longer do energy trucks have to go around town once a month to check individual meters; everything is done automatically and wirelessly. Pretty simple, right?

It might be simple in functionality, but not so much in technicality. The constant pulses of energy as smart meters communicate both with electrical appliances inside the home, and with the energy company, are a radioactive threat that’s about 100 times greater than that of a mobile phone, science has found.

This is a tremendous radioactive load when you consider that smart meters operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The fact that they never turn off means they’re a lot like talking on a cell phone constantly, without end. But, it gets even worse.

Independent studies have revealed that both the strength and frequency of smart meter pulses make them exceptionally threatening. The Center for Electrosmog Prevention, a California nonprofit group, estimates that one smart meter emits the radiation equivalent of about 160 mobile phones. Other studies have concluded that smart meters emit not 100 but 1,000 times the radioactive load of a typical cell phone.

Daniel Hirsch, a radiation expert and instructor at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), published a paper refuting the findings of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST), which concluded based on industry data that smart meters are safer than mobile phones. Hirsh countered that:

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4 comments to Radiation Emitted from Smart Meters 100 Times Greater than Cell Phones – and Exposure is Constant

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Hang a metal bucket over the meter. That’ll really cut down the emissions.

    If they get grumpy about your bucket and they force you to remove it because they can’t read the display, you can always wrap-attach a layer of metal window screen on it to reduce the emissions and still be able to read the display.

    My particular mobile home was made with aluminum siding (it’s a 1986), and that cuts down tremendously on all RF coming into the home.

    If I replace the fiberglass screens with metal, it would completely kill my cellphone from indoor use. As it is now, I have to be near a window to get a signal.

    In the future, during or after the crash, choosing to live in a converted steel, shipping container will shield you from a lot of things.

    • chuck

      I always wondered if a makeshift Faraday cage made from 1/2″ hardware cloth would work. It would need to enclose the meter completely and have a good ground I’d think.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Chuck, The 1/2″ hardware cloth you mention is TOO big to block the smaller frequencies.

        That’s why your MICROWAVE OVEN has those TINY HOLES, because if those holes were LARGER, then your FACE would start to get COOKED from all the escaping (microwave band) RF.

        Use the typical house window screens made of METAL. The “MESH SIZE” is small enough to give you just about all the “shielding effects” you desire.

        You could look up the frequencies they use for smart meters, and look on line for calculations for the proper size mesh to block it.

        Using a mesh size that is TOO large will let the RF go thru without any restrictions.

        RF waves, depending upon the length of that wave (frequency), explains why those TV roof antennas have all those different lengths of rods. Each particular length is better at “absorbing” a particular wavelength.

        You may have seen radio antennas (CD, HAM, etc) described at FULL WAVE, 1/2 wave, 1/4 wave, etc.
        It’s interesting to learn some of that stuff. And don’t forget, that even visible light is just another frequency on the same chart as radio waves, UV, Infrared, X-Rays, Gamma, etc.

        Our eyes were not designed very intelligently, because our eyes cannot see Gamma radiation (fatally deadly to us), and we cannot see Carbon Monoxide gas (also deadly), etc, and that’s why we used our brains to invent devices and machines to help supplement our limited capacities.

        On Ebay, Amazon, etc, for about as little as $20, you can buy a little hand held RF detector=frequency COUNTER. It will show all the frequencies it’s detecting (sniffing).

        These are also used as “bug detectors” (RF bugs).
        There are other bug detectors that use flashing LED lights, to spot camera lenses (which reflect back the flashing beam and let you find the hidden camera lens).

        The hidden lens detectors, work pretty good. I’ve actually used one of them, and then gave it as a gift to somebody who is concerned with privacy.

        IT’s good to use it (hidden camera detector) in Motel Rooms, Public Rest Rooms, Dressing Rooms,, even the Doctor’s examining rooms, dorm room, or when you visit your own friends or neighbor’s house, your CHILDRENS school rest rooms, work, inside your OWN CAR, office, etc.!!!

        You NEVER know where some pervert employee etc, has hooked up a hidden camera.

        Many (or all) new cars are bugged (think of GM’s Onstar, and FORD, Honda and other companies have such systems, even if you don’t know about it.)
        Check your own computer, laptop, home TV, etc, and in MANY places, you’ll find a hidden PINHOLE camera lens (as small as 1/32″ diameter) looking BACK at you.

        Put a piece of BLACK tape over it.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Best of all, you could go 100% solar- “off grid” & give them back their meter.

    This seller is like the SD Bullion (or Provident Metals) of solar panels.

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