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Policing For PROFIT: Cops Can Now Steal From You “Legally”

If You Live in Oklahoma TX NY NJ FL CA, You’ve been WARNED!

from Josh Tolley, via Jon Doe:

Credit to Josh Tolley – ERAD…
Police Theft Cards…
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4 comments to Policing For PROFIT: Cops Can Now Steal From You “Legally”

  • Silver Shield

    Fascism- the merger between corporate and state power.

    ERAD keeps 7.7% of what is stolen. Page 7

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      It just HIT me, that “ERAD keeps 7.7%. They MUST be CHOSENITES running that company.

      There’s that number “7” again. and this time, it DOUBLE 7’s.

      We need to keep in mind, when the “justice” is handed out to all the top tier elite criminals, that we will use 7.7 Feet of ROPE for hanging.

      We will raise the Guillotine Blade exactly 7.7 Feet UP the rails before it drops.

      The firing squads will have 7 shooters and the ammo will be 7mm and they will be standing 7.7 meters from the target.

      The electric chairs will be hit with 7,777 volts of electricity.

  • C.I.

    My Police Are Really Nice And Even Let Us Know Their Mobile Numbers Just In Case…..

    Perth Is Better Than The Crap You Live In Aye!

    Why Do You Not Move And Stop Complaining?


  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Please listen. You can have MILLIONS of “Dollars, Pounds, Euros” in your GoldMoney account (holding REAL genuine ALLOCATED GOLD bullion, inside certified, protected Vaults in different countries where NO LOCAL idiots can touch it)., and when you wish to “spend” some of your gold, you just go online to your account, and click SELL, and then you can CHOOSE to have the “money” either wired into your bank, or have the money “Loaded” onto the DEBIT card (MasterCard).

    It all takes only a minute or three.

    Your “debit card” only has the balance you PUT on it. Spend it down to near ZERO again, and use what’s left to “BUY GOLD” again to “clear your card”.

    NO cop or THIEF or dishonest business can steal or SCAM money out of your debit card if you don’t have any money on it.

    This is a clever and LEGAL way to have MILLIONS of dollars in YOUR control, but none of it is connected to your debit card until you transfer some into it.

    And because the “Gold Money” account (formerly known as BitGold), it is NOT a bank account, it is a BULLION DEALER & Vault service, so it would be very difficult, or impossible for any bank, government, etc, to put a “hold” or “Lien” or court judgment onto your gold.

    It’s EASY for goverments, etc, to freeze BANK accounts etc.

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