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Paul Craig Roberts – Do Civilisations Really Have to Clash?

from Brave New World, via Sputnik News:

We are living in a world when it is normal to think that civilisations are incompatible and have to clash with each other. But this is a perversion of the truth as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts points out.

The so-called ‘Clash of Civilizations’ is a hypothesis proposed by the American political scientist Samuel P. Huntington in 1992, whereby people’s cultural and religious identities are the primary source of conflict in a post-Cold War world.

Huntington’s theory hangs on the the idea that up until the French Revolution, principle wars were between princes, emperors and monarchs to expand their bureaucracies, economic strength and most importantly — territories. In the process they created nation states. After WWI, conflict between nation states, according to Huntington, yielded to the conflict of ideologies.

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1 comment to Paul Craig Roberts – Do Civilisations Really Have to Clash?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Yes, there is ONE place where civilizations MUST CLASH, and this FORMER Muslim woman explains it well enough that they put a Fatwa (death sentence) on her head.

    Please watch and enjoy the courage & truths spoken by Wafa Sultan, and this was broadcast on Al Jazeera TV!!!

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