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Only Trump Stands Between You and Utter Destruction

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

This past Sunday, I separately interviewed Dr. Ted Broer, Bob Griswold and Paul Martin and they all said the same thing. With regard to pulling the plug on America and installing martial law, we all felt all the necessary requirements are in place. The only thing that is missing is a trigger event and right now, we are in the middle of a possible trigger event, the GOP Convention. The momentum of the globalists attempt to create a race war has carried this negative Toinette into the convention. The Democratic Convention, another potential powder-keg is mere weeks away.

Both in my lifetime and especially the 10 years that I have been on radio and the 12 years I have been writing, I have never seen America in such a desperate condition.

When I choose to write an article, I have asked what the Lord would have me do. My responsibility has greatly increased because this month, the readership on my website is up 35-40%. We are experiencing a phenomenal growth among first-time visitors to The Common Sense Show. This means that hundreds of thousands of people are new to our movement. Thanks to Donald Trump and the continuing efforts of the fine people in the Independent Media, millions of previously brainwashed Americans, who only a year ago would have called people like me the neurolinguistic term, “Fear Monger”, are waking up. However, millions of Americans do not have the professional or contextual background to fully understand the dangers that they face because America is beginning to say, enough is enough! However, there is extreme danger ahead. In the worst case scenario, we will die the planned eugenics death planned for by the globalists as they have called for the destruction of 90% of humanity (i.e. Ted Turner 1997 interview).

Subsequently, with the new influx of readers and curiosity seekers, I feel that the Lord is calling me, at least for some of my articles, to go back and start at the beginning and explain the dangers of the fight, to our new comrades in arms, and clearly lay out what we are up against.

The Promise of a Trump Presidency#

Detroit is America’s first Third World city, but certainly not the last. This is the symbol and lasting image of what all of America will look like under a Clinton Presidency! In the 1960’s, Detroit had the highest standard of living in North America and then came globalization. Detroit went from a prosperous city of 2 million people to 70o,000 people where entire neighborhoods are being torn down. Houses in some neighborhoods are for sale for $1. It is the symbol of the globalist evil intention for this country. Detroit should be the symbol for what we are fighting for.

The Plundering of America

For over a century, our country has been plundered by a group of minions representing international banking. In modern times, these criminal thugs that we call the New World Order have stolen trillions of dollars from America and its previously ignorant middle class.

In modern times, the big culprit and threat to America are the free trade agreements. This has caused the flight of middle class jobs to third world countries which has led to the loss of millions of jobs and the destruction of Detroit and to a lesser degree Baltimore, Washington DC, St. Louis, Cleveland Chicago and dozens of other American communities. The free trade agreements are national suicide, but millions of America don’t see threat until it is too late and they lose their job.

The destruction of America is deliberate because there can be no New World Order unless America, her Constitution, her base of wealth and her civil liberties are destroyed. The resources must be gone as well because if America retained some of its wealth, it would find a way to rebuild.

The other major threat, among the many, has to do with illegal immigration. America is the product of immigrants. However, Americans at Ellis Island processed, in an orderly fashion, 13 million immigrants without the use of computers. Today, we have Jihadis coming into the country along side of people from Central America. Most of the Central Americans are looking for a better life. The Jihadi’ss are looking to end lives, American lives!

Every President and Congress since the days of JFK have put this country at risk by failing to properly deal with the immigration threat. Even the corrupt FBI director, Comey, has said that there are a 1000 active ISIS investigations in the United States and still our leaders want more Muslims from regions of terror to be admitted to the country while we continue to not screen them. These new immigrants are receiving benefits that they do not deserve, namely, welfare, social security and free medical. And according to the FBI formula, a minimum of 10% are radicalized and willing to commit acts of terrorism against America and her citizens.

Illegal immigration cuts away at the wage structure of the working class and is even reaching into the middle class. We spend billions of dollars each year to tale care of these people. Nobody took care of my father’s immigrant family. These illegal immigrants are given FREE health care while American citizens are laboring under the growing holocaust that is Obamacare.

Donald Trump is promising to stop these transgressions, national security threats and destruction of our American lives.

And finally, our culture is under attack. The guardians of our society, the police, are targets of globalist created organizations (i.e. George Soros) Black Lives Matter. Don’t let the title fool you, BLM is not about helping black people. In my former role as a college basketball coach, I helped more young black males advance their lives than Black Lives Matter. Unlike George Soros, that only wants to exploit this group for the gain and profit of the New World Order, I loved, cared about and helped the quality young black men that I had the pleasure of working with. It breaks my heart to see so many being taught that hate and violence is the answer. Five years ago, did you ever think you would live in an America in which many of the residents thought that assassinating police officers was a good idea? Twenty years ago, did you believe that the President of this nation would bail out Goldman Sachs while they let Detroit die? It is ironic that we now have a President who thinks that the random and statistically rare cases of police brutality outweighs the theft of an entire generation of young black males with regard to their futures? What has Obama done about black poverty in our inner cities? Under his leadership, the murder rate of young black men has become the number cause of death for the demographic of black males 18-30. Yes, black lives do matter, but we do nothing for these young people except to enact national policies that plunder any semblance of opportunity in our inner cities. And it is ironic that the greatest offender and obstacle to a life of opportunity for young black males, is black himself. Obama has not only committed treason against his country, he has betrayed the welfare of his own race.

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