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Oligarchs Murder 84 People in Nice

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

The evil and perversion here boggles the mind. The oligarchs who own/operate the banking Crime Syndicate which runs our government invented their “War on Terror” as a pretext to turn our former democracies into police states, and to rob us of our human rights.

As this phony war becomes more obviously phony by the year, and as more and more of these “terrorists” are exposed as the oligarchs’ EMPLOYEES, the oligarchs become more desperate to convince the Zombie masses that this is a real war, and not more of their contrived, geopolitical theater.

Russia Exposes “ISIS” as U.S. Boogeyman/mirage

To do this, they have started murdering more and more of the Zombie masses, via the so-called “terrorist attacks” carried out by their employees. The pathetic part of this is that to some aspect this heinous strategy works. Many of the Zombies are so brain-dead, and have gone so many years/decades without thinking for themselves, that they still consume all of the propaganda pablum that they are fed without hesitation.

:angry: :angry:

Clearly, it is not enough for us to simply regain control of our governments, and restore some semblance of democracy and social justice in our societies. The oligarchs must be put on trial for their crimes against humanity, and then be given their own “Saddam Hussein Special”.

It is always the oligarchs who force the peasants to pull out their pitchforks and guillotines, and revolt, usually because the oligarchs have taken them to the brink of starvation. Sadly, it is rarely the oligarchs who end up with their heads beneath the guillotines. Instead, it’s usually just their Stooges.


Truck attacker kills 84 celebrating France’s Bastille Day

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