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Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’

from CNSnews:

President Barack Obama said at the White House Summit on Global Development yesterday that “we are living in the most peaceful” era in human history and that “the world has never been less violent.”

According to the White House schedule, the president used the summit to “bring together development leaders, public and private sector financing partners, civil society, diplomats, and entrepreneurs to mark our global progress and catalyze further development efforts.”

“So it is worth reminding ourselves of how lucky we are to be living in the most peaceful, most prosperous, most progressive era in human history,” Obama said in the speech.

“Because the world has never been less violent, healthier, better educated, more tolerant, with more opportunity for more people, and more connected than it is today,” he also said.

Here are excerpts from the president’s speech as transcribed on the White House website:

Obviously, this has been a tough couple of weeks, not just here in the United States but around the world. And that’s being amplified to some degree during political season. So I think maybe it’s worth stepping back for a moment. This is a challenging time–with threats of terrorism, an international order that is buffeted by all different kinds of events, a sense that globalization is leaving too many people behind and expanding inequality within countries, even if we are seeing progress in the aggregate.  

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6 comments to Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    This dickhead has got to be smoking meth.

  • anon

    “Obama: ‘The World Has Never Been Less Violent’”?

    Unless you are a Palestinian or an Iraqi.

  • Daniel

    I wonder what color the sky in this clown’s world is. The World Has Never Been Less Violent? Really? My God man. Try splainin that to the 10 million refugees Mr. Nobel Peace Prize has unleashed on the world with all his wars.

    Everything this asshat says is 180 degrees opposite in true meaning. Interpretation?
    The World Has Never Been More Violent! Period! End Of Discusson! I can’t wait for next January and this delusional idiot and his clown act are out of here. Even a Hilliary presidency would be a breath of fresh air compared to this douchebag

  • Millicent

    He is a testimony to the mental acuity of the American general public…

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