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Obama Makes A Push For International Order And One Global Economy – Episode 1011a

from X22Report:

Greece loses 244,000 businesses while the EU puts them into debt. Moody’s lowers outlook for US retailers. US ISM manufacturing surges and construction spending declines. Italy gets a bail-out instead of using the bail-in system. The UK might push for another referendum which will not allow the UK to leave the EU. George Soros wants a stronger more powerful EU. Obama pushing for a one world government and a global economy, says the UK is trying to escape. Health care is rising.

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1 comment to Obama Makes A Push For International Order And One Global Economy – Episode 1011a

  • anon


    (Q:) What could possibly go wrong? (A:) Plenty.

    Particularly when you realize that this has been the Western “elites” game-plan since at least the time of Alexander the Great (if not Sargon of Akkad!) The Western International Central Bankers are predominantly “Jew”-ish. IF that doesn’t cause you to be concerned, then you haven’t studied the hidden history, that has been kept out of the public school and university textbooks.

    IF you wish to learn more about that (hidden) history, you can start here:

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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