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NYC’s DESTRUCTION: The Illuminati Plan to Usher in Armageddon

from The Phaser:

This is the “Year of Light.” We have now entered that year, starting on September 14, 2015. The new race has been birthed on Earth: their third temple was completed and set up where the first two world trade centers (twin towers) came down. This is meant to show the arrival of the third strand of DNA, the combination of homo sapiens and b’nei elohim. This was not the plan of God, but was a result of a lengthy plan by the b’nei elohim to infiltrate human DNA. Now that the Temple has been completed, they intend to destroy New York City. I, Pet Goat II provides hints about the devastation of New York City throughout the video. I believe, I, Pet Goat 2, is hiding secrets in plain sight.

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