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NOTHING about the Fed from Kitco !?

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

In all my years of watching Kitco, this in unprecedented. The latest much-ado-about-nothing Fed meeting ended. And today, Kitco is NO framing all of the days news in precious metals in terms of “the Fed said this” and “the Fed said that”.

Understand the game here: the propaganda machine NEVER talks about the real fundamentals of precious metals. Instead, they invent their own. Primarily, this involves pretending that NOTHING in the world matters more to gold and silver than the lies of the Fed-heads.

They have spent YEARS cultivating this propaganda in order to distract us from the REAL fundamental for this sector: the money-printing of the criminal central bankers.

The Bernanke Helicopter Drop literally drowns out all other precious metals fundamentals combined, by at least a factor of TEN. Literally nothing else matters. And because precious metals prices were never allowed to adjust to this monetary insanity, the Bernanke Helicopter Drop continues to drown out all other fundamentals, combined.

So the propaganda machine continuously brainwashes us into believing that the TALK of the Liars is all-important, but their actions (i.e. the extreme/reckless money-printing) counts for nothing.

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Yet today, this is the closest that Kitco came to even acknowledging yesterday’s Fed meeting…

Traders and investors worldwide are still digesting Wednesday afternoon’s statement from the U.S. Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee…

I’m still trying to figure out what this really means, since the propaganda machine is never honest about such things. Were there “script problems” as the Liars tried to “explain” the double-talk from the Fed Liars? Or, was the double-talk simply of such a low caliber that even the propaganda machine doesn’t want to shine a spotlight on it — and make the Liars look bad?

It would/will be very interesting if this marks the beginning of a new trend, but don’t count it. Starting tomorrow, expect the propaganda machine to revert to its usual mode: pretending that even belch and fart from a Fed-head represents “wisdom” of the highest order — and dominates all our so-called markets.

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