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Next President Can Still Prosecute Clinton

from Bill Still:

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4 comments to Next President Can Still Prosecute Clinton

  • Silver Shield

    Lol! She won’t prosecute herself.

  • Moishe

    when will we prosecute rudy giuliani for 911?

  • d


    RUDY dumped the NY senate to HILLARY…as he QUITE and she won….now he says justice still can be served..HE is full of shit…and a shill for the NWO….may be truly suffer for his lying ways…..HE is one of many who are Responsible for HILLARY’s climb to power…imho

  • Millicent

    Yes, Trump is being surrounded by the “usual suspects”… Gingrich, Giuliani, etc.

    If he is genuine then he needs a lot of help to be discerning as to who are his friends and who are his foes. Only God can do that…

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