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New World Order’s Summer Of Chaos Advances Thanks To Hillary Outcome

from The Sleuth Journal:

Most Americans were not surprised, but were devastated just the same when they found out on July 5th that the FBI would not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. Sadly though, most Americans don’t have the slightest idea just how much danger the country is in as a result. The far left who don’t care what Hillary does, because they plan on voting for her anyway, have absolutely no clue they’re being used to achieve a much larger goal that will rain down misery and despair on everyone, including them.

The deepest most Republicans can grasp, especially the most rabid Trump supporters, is that “the system is rigged.” Wow, you think? That’s well thought out. Yes, the system is rigged alright, and it’s not even rigged by people on this continent. Let that digest for a minute. People can say the information contained below is “fear mongering,” or “conspiracy theory,” or whatever else makes them feel better, but at the end of the day it’s this simple: I’m only responsible for what I say, not what you understand.

Wherever George Soros is, he is sitting back and laughing right now at the ignorance every day people, because everywhere he looks, the globalist plans are proceeding precisely according to plan. There have been multiple reports about a coming “race war” in America this summer, arguably the most credible coming when Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson had two of his email accounts hacked recently and showed that they are planning to create massive unrest during this election period in something they call the “Summer of Chaos”.

The following video begins to explain how virtually all the chaos taking place all over the world right now is part of a deliberate attempt by the global elite to set a foundation for destabilizing the Western world. The idea is to create so much destabilization geopolitically, socially, and economically, that a more militant police police state can be achieved. Part of how the elites are creating that chaos is by creating war, economic chaos in financial markets, and social chaos by stoking racial, ethnic, and religious animosity between various groups.

After the video, I’ll break down specifics, and give supporting evidence to prove that we’re in incredible danger. You saw first hand this week that the rule of law is dead, because the elites who control everything don’t play by the rules anyway. Now that you KNOW that’s true because you witnessed it first hand, what follows should not surprise you. It should however, deeply worry you.

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2 comments to New World Order’s Summer Of Chaos Advances Thanks To Hillary Outcome

  • windrunner56

    There may be pockets of discontent citizens, but by and large, nothing changes. The dumbed down are still dumb. They have Pokeman GO now to occupy their teeny minds, but to say the citizenry is angry, is a stretch. I am shocked how far this elastic band is being stretched. Amerika is going to wake one morning and find shackles around their ankles and wonder why there was no warning.

    Disturbing. It hurts to see my neighbours to the south (once the Gold standard for patriotism and pride) fall into the abyss with very little pushback, other than of course false flag “black lives matter”, and occasional “lone gunman” attacks.

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