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New Hampshire Gov. Covering Up Child Molestation at Husband’s School Which Has Visits From the Muslim Brotherhood

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

New Hampshire governor, Hassan. She is accused by political opponents of covering up child molestations which were carried out in an academy run by her husband who served as the Principal at the time of the allegations.

His name is Andy Martin and he is a Republican candidate for Congress in this upcoming election and has made very serious allegations of impropriety against New Hampshire’s Governor.

Mr. Martin is accusing Governor Hassan of covering up the sexual molestations which took place at Phillips Exeter Academy. And Martin is quick to point out that the academy is run by Principal Hassan, the husband of Governor Hassan and the Governor is engaged in a major cover-up and of course is involved in a major conflict of interest.

As I reviewed Mart’s allegations, I originally surmised that Martin must be off of his rocker. I reasoned, incorrectly, that a small state such as New Hampshire, would not tolerate such a scandal from its Governor. Even though New Hampshire is very liberal, surely even liberal voters would not tolerate such behavior. In reality, Martin’s allegations are only the tip of a very dangerous iceberg as my investigation would prove.

The School Invites Muslim Brotherhood to Speak to Its Students

Gov. Hassan’s husband, Thomas Hassan, is the Principal of the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy. Phillips Exeter Academy is no stranger to controversy as the institution has previously invited Muslims, not just Muslims, but dangerous Muslims, to speak at the school in the past about Islam and American. Some of these speakers are associated with CAIR, MSA, and the Muslim Brotherhood, to propagandize the impressionable student body at the student assemblies.

Why would an American high school think it is permissible to invite members of a federally declared terrorist organization to speak at its school? Is the high school trying to turn its student body into radicalized Muslims? Why not invite the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler? Remember, it was Hitler that created the Muslim Brotherhood. The message and the effect would be the same. The federal government says that the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, runs guns, child sex rings and drugs as a means of supporting its terrorist organization. They are integrated with ISIS, money laundering at HSBC bank and are in business with the Mexican drug cartels.

Why Isn’t the FBI Investigating?

My very first thought is that the FBI should be investigating the school for providing material support to terrorists by propagandizing its students and not giving the students any choice in the matter. Then I remembered that FBI Director Comey, Hillary Clinton’s legal guardian, was on the Board of Directors at HSBC Bank when they were busted for money laundering drug money from the cartels, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. No justice here. No protection for the children of Phillips Exeter Academy.

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