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NATO: Agent for the Provocation of Perpetual War

by Julian Rose, Zen Gardner:

Poland, a Country repeatedly occupied by foreign armies in the past, is once again suffering the humiliation of foreign troops encroaching upon her sovereign territory. Only this time, the occupying armies are under the flag of NATO and the agenda is the establishment of an ostensibly anti Russian ‘war theatre’ – a logistical bridge-head in preparation for a possible Third World War.

Not surprisingly, I am deeply troubled by this manoevring. As a British citizen working in Poland for the past fourteen years, I feel a keen sense of the injustice being perpetrated upon the Polish people. Most fail to realize that the nation is being led down a road which could end-up establishing a dangerous precident: a near permanent US led foreign army on Polish soil.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this ‘occupation’ is that it is being welcomed with open arms by the Polish government, which appears obsessed with the notion that the Russian Federation may be planning to invade Poland. But any realistic evidence for this is entirely lacking, rendering the entire exercise nothing short of criminal.

The degree of carefully controlled NATO propaganda being put out by the national government is unprecedented in recent history. It resembles, but is far more efficient, than the techniques used by the Communists during their occupation of pre 1989 Poland. This resemblance is reinforced by that fact that the present government (Pis), has taken a 100% controlling influence of the Country’s media in order to reinforce its position.

That might be all well and good, if the position was one based upon insight, wisdom and positive leadership. However these are exactly the attributes that are missing.

In their place is an unholy capitulation to spreading the message of ‘fear’. Fear used as the mirror image of the US foreign policy position of the past two to three decades, with ‘fear of terrorism’ being hyped-up to offer an alibi for the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now by proxy, Syria and the murder of millions that has resulted.

Let us therefore remind ourselves of what the actual story is here, so that we may counter this grand deception and dangerous indoctrination of Polish citizens.

NATO, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is officially described as “an alliance of countries from North America and Europe committed to fulfilling the goals of the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949.” However that is just a front, in reality NATO is an agent of the ‘New World Order’ promoted by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger and other members of the long standing US neoconservative imperialist club. A club closely supported by Great Britain, whose Royal Society has long planned for a continuation of the hegemonic ambitions associated with the building of the British Empire.

This is the background of the euphemistically named ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the USA. The same policy position is maintained by President Obama to this day.

Other European nations enlisted into NATO’s fold have recently been warned that “Russia represents the greatest threat to World peace.” As always, this ‘fear ticket’ has been instrumental in sucking countries into the fold.

Few have questioned the logic or wisdom of this position, appearing happy to play their part in the revival of the ‘cold war’ which has thawed, frozen, re-thawed and re-frozen again, at the behest of the vast propaganda exercise perpetrated by successive US and UK governments over the past half century.

There is essentially no difference between US foreign policy and that of NATO. Which is not to say there is no friction between NATO’s European military chiefs and their US counterparts. There is; but the European element is ultimately brought to heel by their US ‘grand masters’, and the semblance of unity is preserved by government and corporate controlled public broadcasting in North America and Europe alike.

The public, who remain locked into the deliberately perpetrated psychology of fear, nod their heads in orchestrated harmony: “The US is our protectorate; Putin is Mr Evil; long live NATO.”

NATO is now the chief instrument for the continued enforcement of a policy that ensures the protection of the interests of a small elite of largely Anglo Saxon industrialists, bankers and military strategists. It supports the status quo of corporate dominance and personal privilege and reflects the ongoing ambitions of families who have been at the forefront of aggressive and pugilistic wealth hunting for decades. Families like the immensely wealthy Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s.

So let us examine the grounds for NATO and the USA’s assertion that Russia presents the greatest threat to World peace.

The Russian Federation under President Putin, has a notable lack of foreign policy interventions into territories outside its field of control. The two often cited by critics, involve a disputed incursion into Georgia (August 2008) and the more recent ‘reclaiming to the fatherland’ of Crimea. Both these involved direct responses to Western provoked uprisings and the ‘coloured’ revolutions backed by Western sponsored hegemonic political interests, in the hope of gaining a geopolitical and military foothold in territories historically aligned with Russia.

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1 comment to NATO: Agent for the Provocation of Perpetual War

  • Ed_B

    “Perhaps the most disturbing part of this ‘occupation’ is that it is being welcomed with open arms by the Polish government, which appears obsessed with the notion that the Russian Federation may be planning to invade Poland.”

    So, how long have you lived under the Russian jack-boot? At all? Probably not. But the Poles have and it is safe to say that they KNOW Russians and what they are all about a damn-site more than most of us.

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