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Must Listen: It’s Over: Bill Holter

from X22Report Spotlight:

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2 comments to Must Listen: It’s Over: Bill Holter

  • Guest

    It’s not over until TPTB decide that it’s over. This may continue for several more years.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    it’s over Rover, and everybody who ain’t got silver, is gonna bend over.

    EBT gonna be gone. BLM is gonna sell its soul for a 4 piece wing meal.

    Stack PM’s, Stock up on Food, water, ammo, meds, and all the other worldly supplies for your home, family, garden, car, health.

    Not just some spare car parts & fluids, but also spare ROOFING repair materials because it might be 10 or 20 years before those things become available again.

    Hand tools (electricity might be gone for years and years.)

    Solar panels & all the other things for a complete system, is gonna be worth its weight in gold and save some lives. (but it will also become a TARGET for theft?)

    THIS time, when the SHTF, the FAN will NOT survive.

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