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MUNICH ‘TERROR’: Immanuel Goldstein Strikes AGAIN!

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from Jay D:

You know the DRILL. Once again, giant drills and laughable scenarios are crafted to terrorize the socialized masses – all with the same patterns – as Orwell’s 1984 demonstrated.

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1 comment to MUNICH ‘TERROR’: Immanuel Goldstein Strikes AGAIN!

  • Allender

    Where would these lone wolves shouting pathetic psyop slogans be without crisis actors?

    Just watch them earn their money, fake wounds and all (the Boston Marathon psyop was an academy-award crisis actor extravaganza. And the creators of all the fake wounds, sure bet for best makeup).

    A best part is same actors infiltrating various false flag psyops. You know, professionals.

    The High Cabal, are they right or wrong in their assumption that the public is brain dead?

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