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Did Donald Trump Just Fire a MASSIVE Warning Shot at the Banking Cabal?

from TheWealthWatchman:

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3 comments to Did Donald Trump Just Fire a MASSIVE Warning Shot at the Banking Cabal?

  • anon

    Excellent clarion call, from TheWealthWatchman!

    One thing is for certain ~ there will be NO BANKING REFORM with Hitlary in the White House.

    • There will be “banking reform” regardless of who the next President is – but it will be at the supranational level and likely not the reform you’re looking for…

      As for Trump, let’s ignore for a moment that he surrounds himself with Bilderbergers, criminals, Iran-Contra arms runners (like Adnan Khashoggi), billionaires who run fake airlines turning up with kilos of cocaine (Carl Icahn), and mobsters up the wazoo:

      He is the penultimate Transhuman president and will completely revitalize the concept pioneered by Agenda 21, the “public-private partnership.”

      Just look at who he surrounds himself with. Newt Gingrich, eternal Trump-stumper and perhaps the most helpful “unpaid volunteer” on “unofficial” staff of the campaign, he is the co-author of the original “NBIC Report” and coiner of the term “The Age of Transitions.” If Transhumanism can be associated with ANY figure in “public service,” it’s Newt Gingrich:

      (Anyone who’s not yet read the NBIC report, or at least Gingrich’s passages from it, is doing themselves a great disservice.)

      And while most were keen to focus on Peter Thiel’s sexual preferences post-RNC, this nonsense fluff pales in comparison to his life as an entrepreneur; the co-founder of PayPal (which has recently been revealed by an HSBC whistleblower to be just as egregious a money launderer as any of the “Big Four” drug banks), a long-time Bilderberger, and such an ardent supporter of Transhumanism that he believes he can cheat death, Thiel is the “private” to Gingrich’s “public” Transhumanist.

      All this coming to a head in a single candidate as the BRICS/AIIB construct rapidly merges with the imperialists at the IMF/World Bank nexus. None of this is coincidence, and though many people might be shocked at the following statement, they shouldn’t be:

      Donald Trump is not only the “selected” candidate of choice by TPTB, but would be infinitely more effective at implementing the monetary, technological, and industrial changes required by the “Age of Transitions” than Hillary Clinton ever could be.

      And this is who people believe to be their anti-globalist White Knight… a Transhumanist drug-runner with nothing more than shallow rhetoric about anti-Globalism. Alt-media has officially lost its collective marbles. Enjoy your currency basket and robot-run service sector, America, you reap what you sow.

  • susan

    oh gimme a break! look at trump’s son-in-law…he’s running the show!


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