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Money and the Universe From NOTHING?

from Elliott Wave Technology:

Although I was raised under the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, and respectful thereof – as I am with all other peaceful religions of the world, I do not consider myself to be particularly “religious,” but rather a logical skeptic, and persistent seeker of empirical truth in every realm.

Since I typically keep rather abreast to such matters of import, I’m quite surprised that I did not catch wind of this newly presented scientific knowledge, which by initial accounts became widely available to the public through a motion picture titled “The Principle,” theatrically released in 2014.

Stumbling upon it of late was quite the revelation, and raised for me the following 3 questions:

    1.  How vastly better might the world have evolved if the concept of Earth as the center of the Universe remained humankind’s foundational understanding of reality? Along similar lines, how vastly better might the world have evolved if Gold and Silver remained as the bedrock foundation of the financial universe?


    1.  What would happen to societal paradigms, and those of modern religion, politics, and the ivory towers of academia if they were forced to admit they are wrong, and that there is indeed far more scientific evidence in support of the Earth’s location and its inhabitants being extraordinarily special, and indeed at the center of the Universe, as opposed to the concept of the big-bang theory, which places Earth and its inhabitance at no particularly special place in the cosmos?


  1. How would the vast majority of people react to the revelation, which in direct opposition to the common knowledge they were indoctrinated with from birth, calling upon their logic and reason to embrace instead, the rather plausible notion that the Earth is indeed motionless, and does NOT spin on its axis, nor does it revolve around the Sun?

My thoughts in closing:

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3 comments to Money and the Universe From NOTHING?

  • More and more people are realizing that we simply cannot live on a spinning ball globe. The math simply does not work. So what is the alternative? Well, it’s what people believed for thousands of years: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. More at

  • Randy

    Why is it that we cannot live on a spinning globe? Do you have any kind of provable evidence for what you say? What math doesn’t work there? Can you cite the EXACT equations that are being used?
    Got to You Tube, and do a search for Coriolis Effect in Ecuador. A woman drains water out of a sink while directly on the Equator, then about 3 meters South of it, and then about 3 meters North of it. And there are THREE different phenomena seen to occur!! How can you explain all of that, except that we are indeed living on a spinning globe? Do you think that she is some kind of a witch, casting her spells on the water?? What other physical shape of an object can account for that phenomena occurring? The tilting of the Earth towards and away from the Sun can clearly be seen by how high it is in the sky, depending upon the time of year! The apparent motion of the stars and precession and retrograde phenomena of planets is explained how?
    How about pipes and poles that are placed vertical on the Equator, and cast no shadow at all at noon time? Is there any way to fake that??
    From where did this god come from? Who created it? Don’t say He or Him or She or Her, because gods don’t have a meat body of any kind which is needed in order to have a gender.

  • Joe

    If one consumes the preponderance of objective scientific evidence presented in “The Principle,” and “Journey to the Center of the Universe,” one will come to grasp the plausibility that the Earth is indeed at rest.

    Yes, a multitude of experiments have been done in attempt to prove the Earth’s motion, and from the 1880’s to present, none of them are able to do so. As a result, in order to mathematically prove that the Earth is indeed moving, it was necessary for Einstein to put forth a “Special” theory of relativity.

    In similar fashion, in order for the “Big Bang” theory to hold water, all sorts of ad-hoc mathematical reconciliations i.e. dark matter, dark energy, string theory, etc. must be put in place to make it plausible.

    At the end of the day, the simpler explanation, which changes nothing insofar as what we are able to scientifically observe, suggests that the Earth is motionless at/near the center, and the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, and indeed the remainder of known observable Universe – revolves around the Earth.

    I know…. It’s pretty heavy stuff to swallow – but even Einstein and a very long list scientists and physicists of the past and present state clearly that the math works – it’s simply a matter of preferred inputs of which the Spinning & Revolving Earth require endless strings of conjured-up mathematical equations, while the Still Earth does not.

    Watch the films with an objective eye – and then decided for yourself.

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