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Gold and silver mining companies are enjoying a resurgence in 2016 as their stocks attract deep pocketed Wall Street money. The trend is clear, the best precious metal mining companies have the potential to compound the returns of the rising prices of gold and silver, by many multiples. Bryan Slesarchuk, the President of K92 Mining, Inc. returns to SGT report to provide a detailed update about the company which is now trading in the United States as KNTNF. K92’s mine and mill was purchased from Barrick Gold at the very low point in the mining stocks bear market – and now K92 will begin pulling PHYSICAL gold out of the ground in the next 30-45 days. Perhaps that’s why K92 stock has doubled in price since Bryan was last on SGT report on May 24th.

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64 comments to MINING PHYSICAL GOLD — Bryan Slusarchuk

  • glitter 1

    Looks like a promising gold company/project.I purchased a position last Thursday and it’s up over 17% in two days of trading.I plan on getting some more.

    As far as Jeff’s commentary on this fake rally in Gold/Silver,yes there’s a fake rally in oil,a fake rally in the DOW/S&P/Nasdaq and other International Indexes.

    Remember in early 2009 after the crash when the Fed started QE1/2/3,all the same markets started up then began to levitate upwards,well if you look at all the different charts then and now they look very similar.My supposition is that the FED in concert with the other central banks are/have been flooding the markets with liquidity aka QE to infinity(covertly this time around).The Big/Smart money knows it and are moving into the PM’s in anticipation of the coming certain reset/conflagration.

    Yes the Commercials have their largest ever historical short positions in Gold/Silver and are trying to trigger a selloff to close out/buy back those shorts.However,they haven’t been able to get the snowball rolling down hill due to some very big Longs standing their ground,refusing to sell/throw in the towell.

    I think Andy has it right,the commercials are trapped.They can’t stop what’s coming and the smart money is preparing for it.

    • SGT

      Very well summarized glitter.

    • Ed_B

      Well said, Glitter. I agree.

      But the Fed is delusional if they really think that ANY amount of liquidity will fix “stupidity’. It won’t. Providing additional liquidity to these bozos only enables bad banking behavior and misallocation of capital. We see a LOT less of that in places that have tough banking laws that REQUIRE incompetent bankers to EAT their mistakes rather than being bailed out time after time after time.

      Nobody comes riding to the rescue with buckets of money when we small investors make financial mistakes. Maybe this is why we don’t make many dumb moves with our money? If we do, we soon lose it and it is GONE. No one replaces it, which is why its loss is so painful. But bankers know that if they cry loudly enough, Uncle Sugar will fork over billions of tax-payer dollars to pad their depleted accounts. Enough of this idiocy!

      When other kinds of businesses behave stupidly, their issues are settled in bankruptcy court, which is EXACTLY where the bankers should end up when they screw the financial pooch. That they do not only encourages their asinine behavior. They simply don’t care if they incur huge losses because they have been trained to simply pass them on to the tax-payers. ENOUGH! NEVER AGAIN!

      • glitter 1


        The evidence is overwhelming at this point,the entire system(world)is broken/corrupted and is beyond salvaging in it’s current form.All it can do is try every trick in the book to save/sustain itself,thrash/flail wildly in it’s death throes.The CB’s will add/print/distribute whatever liquidity is necessary to sustain the dying corpse,after all what is at stake here is retaining/preserving the power,political/financial.At this point TPTB are just attempting to hold things together long enough until the time is right for the introduction of their planned new system.At this point there’s no way to stop/alter/avoid what’s coming.

        • Ed_B

          @glitter 1

          Yes, the evidence IS overwhelming and cannot be refuted regardless of the amount of spin applied. But the problem is that there is a race going on between ever increasing free liquidity and hyperinflation. At some point, adding just a little more liquidity will start the hyperinflation machine running and then they will not be able to add liquidity to the system fast enough to outrun the inflation that they are creating by adding all this liquidity. Liquidity is not a solution to this problem, yet the Fed continues to act as if it was. It’s a band-aid, not a cure… and a very temporary one at that.

          Yes, virtually all of us on here know that the system is dying and is thrashing around in its death throes. All large creatures are most dangerous at such a time, so we all need to stand well back of its teeth, claws, and tail else we WILL suffer for it.

          As to their “new system”… PFFFTTTT! It will be yet another Ponzi scheme. It is likely that we will be dragged through several of these before we reach capitulation wherein the bankers finally realize that nothing but a PM standard for money will work and support a healthy, thriving, productive, and prosperous system. A system wherein only bankers, lawyers, and politicians thrive cannot sustain itself and will die. When the majority of people are able to thrive and prosper, THEN we will have a good system that actually can sustain itself for the long-term.

          But the bankers will not give in easily because only the fiat debt paper Ponzi scheme now in place (or one very much like it) makes it so easy to rob people of their wealth and work product. They have a license to steal and without it (gulp!) they would actually have to WORK for a living! Do any of them know how? Probably not by now.

  • Eric

    Good stuff.

    I would have to agree that the bull market is passing people by rapidly. Most seem to be waiting for an obvious lift in the metals prices but still don’t see the massive rally off the bottom that they have already had since January. Many are still thinking that it still hasn’t gotten back to $35 so they have already lost. If you allow yourself to be defeated, then you surely will be.

    Gold is solid. It doesn’t pay dividends. It doesn’t buy back stock. It doesn’t grow earnings. It sits there and holds it’s value. The exploration, development, and producing mining companies however offer tremendous value and growth. Even after the rally we have already seen. I never like to cost average up on anything I already hold. But if it’s still offering tremendous value at current prices, why not?

    Of course there will be corrections along the way. A slamdown by the bankers should be expected at any time. But don’t wait for it. Be flexible, mobile, and give yourself options. Never put all your eggs into one basket and always have some cash. Those who can adjust will do just fine.

    I still think they can get it back down to 19.28/1308 and possibly 18.50/1285. I’m sitting tight for now and not looking to add to any positions, but happy with my small K92 purchase so far.

    DNC and the FOMC this week. The circus is back in town.

    • glitter 1

      I agree with your comments.We are currently moving within the up-channel and still way above support at the 200dma.The cartel has been pressuring Gold and Silver,but hey this week is options expiry,along with the FOMC mid week and can’t allow the canary to start/continue singing so they keep him/her covered.

      If you look at NUGT/DUST,nobody,I mean nobody is going short/buying puts,which is represented by the 3X inverse ETF DUST.My theory is that the big/smart money knows what’s coming and doesn’t want to be wrong sided when it arrives.You are correct about those pullback numbers,but the current bull move would still be intact/building a solid base to move higher from that point.

      • Eric

        Looks like NUGT bounced right off it’s 50 day this morning and is looking strong to the upside. Could trend slightly below but depending how the day ends for the metals. Definitely a good day to buy something with most of the miners down. Golden Arrow is up 20% today but the rest of the miners are down with the metals themselves up. UVXY had another 5:1 reverse split. CBOE VIX is still too damn low. Maybe Hillary will walk off stage too. 🙂 Nah that’s too much to hope for.

      • Eric

        Glitter, you’re right about the uptrend too. Even if Silver trades back down to 18.50, the uptrend is still intact.

        Everyone should remember too….Silver going from $14 to $21 is a 50% move in 6 months!!! That’s huge!!!

        Everything trades on a market somewhere denominated in a worthless currency of some type. Some more worthless than others. Technically, anything that’s not nailed down or lockin in is undervalued. Silver and mining shares offer extreme value!

        • glitter 1

          To me the “Game Changer” could be if the table gets kicked over this fall resulting in a huge market selloff with G&S going “No Bid”,as Holter would say.If that happens we could very well see the/a reset in PM Prices.Looking at NUGT/DUST it is sending a message,nobody is going/betting short at the moment.DUST has already had a reverse 10-1 split and is still dropping.It’s like we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop,which resolution should be very soon(1-3 months)at the longest.It feels like something very big is budding,just laying in wait.

    • Ed_B


      Good list of things that physical gold does and does not do. Add to this list that physical gold cannot be derivitized or rehypothecated… but paper gold CAN! And it is! Heavily. Gold and silver are WEALTH and holding them in our own hands is all we need to do to preserve our wealth from bankster and govster tricks like inflation and devaluation. If our fiat currency is devalued, gold and silver will shoot up more than enough to compensate for this kind of financial slight of hand / thievery.

      • Eric

        You mean WHEN the US DOLLAR is devalued?

        Doc’s got a good deal on Platinum Eagles right now too Ed. Very tempting.

        • Ed_B

          Yes, I do… but then, everyone here understands that. 😉

          Good deal, eh? I am a regular customer of SDB, so will check that out. In all too many cases, I have seen Pt coin premiums of $100 or more, EACH. That’s pretty stiff for a single ounce… especially when the premiums on 1-oz Au coins is $30-40 each.

          The good news, however, is that when Pt prices drop below that of Au prices, Pt is a screaming buy. Maybe that makes up for the sky-high premium?

          I just checked the URL you included in your comment. Thanks for doing that. Yes, that IS a good buy on these coins… but only for the 1st 100 coins, so this could end quickly. I’m strongly considering getting 7-8 of these. Will decide tonight. 🙂

          • Ed_B

            I decided not to get into Pt now. Gold and silver offer all the utility I need in terms of PMs. Wow. I just checked at SDB and their Pt coin prices are up substantially. A buy last night would have been good. :-/

            • Eric

              Yeah the premium stood out to me big time. Never seen Platinum premiums anywhere near that low.

              But you know me… I’ll keep you posted on any deal I see.

              100 oz bars from the RCM from SDB still seem pretty damn as good as it gets.

              • Ed_B


                OK, thanks. I appreciate the heads up. I have considered buying some Pt from time to time but it always came down to the fact that I could get more gold or a LOT more silver for the same money. Now, with Pt prices below those of Au, the price difference in favor of Pt is definitely more attractive.

                Still, in spite of its rarity. heft, and beauty, Pt hasn’t been used as a common form of money. Gold and silver have and for thousands of years. Maybe this is a case of “stick to what you know”? I can’t see any downside to gold and silver stacking. Pt might be good or it might not be. Hard to say at this point.

                Agree on the 100 oz. RCM bars. I don’t have any large oz. bars but do have 40 or so of the SilverTowne 5-oz. bars. I like the fact that, like a lot of the large bars, these also have a serial number. This could be of considerable help in getting them returned after a theft, so there is some value in that.

  • Moishe

    Isaiah 49:23

    “And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their queens thy nursing mothers: they shall bow down to thee with their face toward the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD: for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me.”

    NY Times 1914 Article mirrors bible

  • Moishe

    our “chosen friends” who scribed the playbook, wrote the script(ures) invented theirs & your g_d, christian & islam controlled oppositions their narrative is playing out to a T.

  • Plutarch 1964

    Sean,I completely concure,we can take the leverage a seriously in crease the stack,I got a position the day it ipoed in the OTC markets and a week later another position and tomarrow I will get another position, this is a golden opportunity.

  • Carlos

    Unfortunately all paper assets like a federal reserve note are worthless because you don’t own anything. It is all owned by the banksters. Let’s review what has been revealed on this site in the past which seems to be ignored by Shawn and the rest. One fact is that when you sign your brokerage documents you agree to deposit your interest with Cede and co. forming a trust with Cede being the legal owner of the property and the state (owner of the birth certificate name) owns the name that owns the equitable interest. So there you have it. Better to own the physical. When the Shemitah hits the fan and you lose all your money in these imaginary assets, don’t say you weren’t warned. Greed kills

  • mike

    Barrick pays 141 million then invested 100 million for infrastructure and they let it go for nothing? Why wouldn’t Barrick mine it and make the easy money that was ready to be mined? Doesn’t make sense. I would beware all these mining company’s. Reported mining numbers make zero sense. The mining stocks got a bump from the minor physical demand Brexit brought on, hard to say how long that will last. When the Physical goes down you’ll see these miners go down big time.
    Curious why you didnt ask him what is the max limit they have the ability to mine. Will the machines be running at 100%? Will the mine be run at max capacity and what is the real price per oz? Why would it cost 600$ an oz if there is a lot of rich ore? 11.6 grams per ton is very high grade. Silver mines operate at a profit at 15 grams per ton and make a profit at $15.00 for silver an oz???. So unless these guys are totally incompetent it should cost about $5.00 an oz to pull 1 oz of gold out of that mine..So something is seriously off and it amazes me no one can see that with the PM blinders on?

    • Eric

      Mike, you know nothing about mining or geology or markets or accounting.

      Stick with whatever it is that you do.

      • mike

        I know enough to listen to the interviews and so far haven’t heard anything recently that makes a lick of sense when contrasting it with 1000’s of other interviews from all your favorite gurus that now seem to know nothing according to you. I suppose the trick is every time I hear Gold or Silver just to start cheering without listening to anything else like you. You might want to start paying attention yourself. You may just learn something. Stick to whatever it is you do, it is the only thing you will ever know and pray the world doesn’t pass you by. Sean says makes some money in the stock market to buy more physical by investing in a sector that is as transparent as coal?..Wonder why Sean doesn’t push the BTC? I mean stocks are just a digital blip not even recorded or registered properly that can disappear without a trace right? Everyone here could have made a fortune with BTC and bought tons of PMs? Really weird happenings on this site in the last 2 years or so.

        • Eric

          Mining companies have infrastructure and assets (money) in the ground. Bitcoin does not.

          If you had bothered to take a glance at the corporate presentation on their website, you could have answered your own questions, rather than just pulling numbers out of a hat without anything to back up your outrageous claims.

          You should sell what you don’t know anything about (Gold and Silver), and invest 100% of your eggs in BTC. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • mike

            Look at AG,CLLX they were also pumped here and your DTVMF all of them tanking because the Physical went down a little. BTC is money not an “Asset” in the ground like your PMs, your very own words. Well I suppose its good you finally learned that PMs are an asset. I have a lot of PMs Eric I just want to hear some truth instead of pump and dump schemes. Crazy mining data that contradicts even the mining data lol is not news its simply a pump/ Everyone needs to make money but pump and dump isn’t exactly an honest way to do it. If Gold and silver start to go up because of something called demand then so will the stocks..Question is are the metals going up or are we in a bubble already as far as price? No can know since we have no reliable data only fantastic speculation and gubberment data..Get it? Didn’t think so…PS would never invest 100% of my eggs in one basket. I still care about my PM eggs and just simply want truth.

            • Eric

              First Majestic goes from $2.40 to $17 in 6 months then retraces to $15. Oh yeah that’s “tanking.”

              Thank you for defining that BTC is not an asset and only digital air. I can sell you air real cheap if you like? If you don’t want a pump and dump scheme then why did you buy bitcoin? It’s the ultimate pyramid scheme. Buy my worthless cryptocurrency (which anyone can create their own) and trust in the network (which could change any minute).

              Pumping is different from promoting. You don’t even know what drives the price let alone do you assume the government manipulates the numbers in our favor??? And a bubble needs to be blown up before it can pop. Seriously what do you get paid for? Anything? How many cans did you have to collect to acquire your PM’s? You just seem to bitch and whine about them so much, I don’t know why you don’t just give them away so they aren’t such a burden for you.

              Here’s some reliable data I calculated since you like to only guess on numbers and pull them out of a hat so much… If mike’s IQ was 85 before buying bitcoin, and now it is 75, what is the average loss of intelligence over a 6 month time frame that mike has to release on the rest of us to continue his ignorant boring drivel?

              • mike

                FM is tanking didnt you listen to the interview or you just heard Gold and Silver. They only mine 35 million ozs a year and a stated cost of 10$/oz..I am sure it cost FM much less but even at 10$ for a primary miner that is nothing. 10$ is certainly much less than the great work of SRS Ro Coo Coo, he had them pinned at 19-25$ an oz based on what? Gubberment phony numbers and his ridiculous EROI idea that simply is meaningless. It is the market only that drives PM price not mythical intrinsic value or anything else. There is just no demand for the Physical or the mining numbers are way off. I want to figure out what it is don’t you?? The story so far just does not add up at all. No amount of paper contracts could cover up real demand if it was to actually occur. Demand for the Physical would have dried up physical supply years ago if the PM story was just 50% true and there would be none left to base 100 to 1 paper contracts. Look obviously we disagree big time. I want truth and you want a fairy tale. Stop replying to me with jibber jabber. Either you have some real answers to share or your a parrot , that simple.

                • Eric

                  If you want real answers, do some real work.

                  Please explain the difference between commercial and non-commercial long and short contracts. Do some real math and stop guessing.

                  Until you can do this and document your math, you will continue to piss around in the dark.

                  How much does the government pay you to sponge off the taxpayer?

                • Top Hat

                  Mike, might I suggest a healthy conversation with Rob Kirby. I think he can address real numbers of bullion sold and the supply issue. If you really want to know, he would be a great source.

                • mike

                  TOP HAT..The problem with all these people is they base their guess work on gubberment bureaucrat guess work. There has never been a reliable audit of Reserves, mining output etc. Only what is reported by mines. Like RJ Reynolds or the makers of the naked body scanners saying their product is safe lol. Mines already hold back production if they produced too much as not to flood the market and crash the price. Silver and gold are NOT difficult to mine. 1 man on 1 machine can extract PMs from ore that has only 1 gram per ton and still operate at a profit.Mines can mine ore that has so little PMs it is invisible to the naked eye and in some cases even invisible under a microscope. There is no need to find visible veins of the stuff any longer. PMs are produced by mines at a quota determined by the market and management. If not, Some miners would over produce killing the price and messing with everyone’s bread and butter. MINES are a business. They can produce the stuff for virtually nothing. 1 gallon of diesel can move 20 tons of material easily if not more. If you got 11.6 grams per ton that is 7.5 troy oz of gold per gallon of diesel fuel. That’s alike this K@ mine, it is a pretty good deal, $2.00 diesel + 4 man hours at $$10/hour your looking at a whopping $42.00 for 10k worth of gold. These numbers just do not add up at all. So if you went back 2000 years ago it would take 1000 slaves picking at rocks for a week to produce that much gold. So you can easily see gold has lost a massive amount of value since then probably 1000 times when measured in human labor. Kirby has no clue since he has never sat at a mine and saw for himself how much is produced, how much human labor went into producing it etc. Then he would have to go to every mine in the world. If he does then I would trust his conclusions. As it stands there are no reliable numbers out there at all. Mines, fabricators and retailers have the most to gain from manipulation..Who benefits is the only question you need to ask.? It is all just pure speculation when it comes to mines.

                • Eric

                  The flaws in mike’s analysis are that not only are the World Gold Council and the Silver Institute not “gubbermint bureaucrat” organizations, but he continues to put his numbers out of a hat with absolutely no evidence or research to back them up. Never documents his outlandish claims. If it was so easy to mine Gold, mike would be mining Gold.

                  Not only that, but I have yet to hear him say why the “gubbermint” would ever release bogus numbers that would convince people to buy Silver. If anything, they would do the opposite.

                  The real question is… how much egg does mike need to have on his face before he stops living in fantasyland?

                • Eric

                  Also, the easy Gold (Gold near the surface) has already been mined just like the light sweet crude has already been extracted.

                  Gold has not lost value against labor. In 1965 the minimum wage was $1.25. $1.25 in silver quarters today is about $15.

                  mike’s numbers do not add up because mike pulls his numbers out of thin air just like the money magicians at the Treasury and Fed.

                  mike does not really want to know. He wants to live in fantasyworld where whatever he says is true.

            • Eric

              Oh look… bitcoin not money.

              Judge rules Bitcoin ‘has a long way to go’ to be considered money

              “Basically, it’s poker chips that people are willing to buy from you,” said Evans, a virtual-currency expert who was paid $3,000 in Bitcoins for his defense testimony.


              • mike

                Think the key words are “Basically, it’s poker chips that people are willing to buy from you,” said Evans, a virtual-currency expert who was paid $3,000 in Bitcoins for his defense testimony.

                First he was PAID in BTC, the exact definition of MONEY.
                2nd People are willing to buy..Meaning real demand.
                3rd it’s great a Judge is as stupid as you..Money that isn’t recognize as money by the gubberment or taxed, sweet!
                4th dont know why you feel the need to constantly prove my point in an attempt to attack me?
                5th dont know why you defend the dollar paradigm tooth and nail by your attacks against the only thing that can destroy it..The only honest money on earth, BTC.
                PMs do not spend so they are not money.
                No one wants PMS except this mythical Chinese demand that sucks up world mining supply every year and has no effect on the physical market?? The PM industry needs an independent audit to figure out what in the hell is going on for REAL instead of this blind speculation based on phony numbers.

                • Eric

                  If you can’t put it in your pocket, it’s not money.

                  A medium of exchange is not the sole definition of money.

                  Undercover cops setting up a sting operation is not real demand.

                  If no one wants PMS as you say, then why don’t you sell yours and STFU?

                • mike

                  Wrong..If you got no money then you can afford pants with pockets. Money spends PMs dont. That is not to say your asset does not have value and your right you can put in your pocket. Like I can put a thumb drive in my pocket. The only problem with the pms is purchasing power.There is almost no way short of a real independent audit on how much PMs exist above ground or correct mining numbers, production etc. In the case of silver I imagine at least 50 billion ozs in all forms such as silverware, bullion etc and then gold..Some say 160k tons some like bix weir say gold more plentiful then Iron. Once you have some real legitimate numbers you can make a good guess as to value. As it stands it is all 100% speculation and best guess work done by the gurus based on bunk numbers and so far they have been totally and completely wrong. They have done ZERO real research and work just parrot and ignore the obvious GLARING inconsistency. The result of their lack of real work is the loss of a lot of wealth, leading the dull among us down the road of bankruptcy. I think their intentions at least some were honorable but they didnt question their own narrative at all and ignored anything that didnt fit into their understanding. I am simply asking the questions they refuse to ask to try and get a real understanding of the PMs and the value they may or may not have. Your like the DNC of the PMs..Never question the narrative.

                • Eric

                  Thumb drives are cheap. I have a bunch of them.

                  Speaking of tanking, BTC looks like it just fell off a cliff.

                  The U.S. dollar is the problem. The solution is the Gold Standard. Not the blipcoin standard.

                  Let me know when you figure it out.

              • fonestar

                Who gives a FLYING FUCK what some US “judge” says ERIC you fucking retard?

                Bitcoin is a GLOBAL CURRENCY and what this “judge” says doesn’t mean shit.

                • Eric

                  Yep. Bitcoin is an all digital currency. A bankers wet dream. But it’s not money. 🙂

                • mike

                  This is coming from a genius that believes the silver to gold mining ratio is fixed at 9 to 1. Since the year 2000 silver production is up 50% and gold only 9%..That means miners are supplying the market with what it demands. Miners are not going to over supply the market because they want to make money and not drive the price down. How is that massive silver mining increase possible if the mining ratio is fixed?? So there goes his twisted idea of intrinsic value as well. If gold and silver had intrinsic value it would not matter if there was 100 trillion above ground ozs it would still be worth whatever stupid value they assign to it. The Gurus “research” points out human labor but doesn’t take into account innovation since roman days.They also rely heavily on gubberment numbers that are simply no where near correct.
                  Miners can make the mining ratio whatever the market demands. If the market demands more silver then the mines being a business will supply it without over supplying it. There is an endless amount in the ground and lots of machines ready to mine it. The miners can make that ratio 1000 to 1 if the market demands a hell of a lot of silver but it doesn’t.,,Eric is a total lost cause. Has no ability to critically think.

                • Eric

                  Once again mike demonstrates his confusion of the terms “price” and “value,” his misunderstanding of the meaning of “intrinsic,” and again provides no evidence to back up his outlandish claims.

                  Bravo mike.

                • Eric

                  Gold mining supply production for 2015… 92 million ounces
                  Silver mining supply production for 2015…886.7 million ounces

                  Silver comes out of the ground at a ratio of 9.63 to every 1 ounce of Gold.




                • Moishe

                  No one wants a GLOBAL CURRENCY so we can borrow from jewish banksters at usurious rates to buy jewish crap from china,,,,,we can build it here @0% financing & sell it to israel at 1000% mark-up to get our money back from that blood sucking welfare state.

                  LOCAL CURRENCY is best for AMERICA & Europe.

                • mike

                  Eric doesn’t understand BTC is a banksters dream for sure..It is their NIGHTMARE. Gold standard is a banksters wet dream. Return the world back into serfdom and absolute total manipulation. Eric needs to stop with the banksters and BTC and CIA. It is an absolute nightmare for them because it can not be manipulated like every gold standard in history. It circumvents gubberments and banks and I have a feeling Eric is terrified of real change. Like all authoritarian libtards that infest our country, Eric is no different. By default endorsing the very thing they “Rail” against..Pathetic. Doesnt Question gubberment and is a good little parrot.

                • Eric

                  The Gold Standard limits the ability of central banks to create fiat currency out of thin air and create debt on the backs of taxpayers.

                  They can set the price, but they can’t create new supply.

                  Cryptocurrencies on the other hand can be created by anybody. But their price and use is all determined by trust and faith. There is nothing to stop the price of bitcoin from going to zero just like the tulipmania. Gold on the other hand will always have value as the ultimate store of wealth.

                  My magic beans are worth more than bitcoin. A 6 billion dollar market is no threat to banksters in a 1 plus quadrillion derivatives economy.

              • KRELL427

                one of the comments from that link Eric, “With that ruling the FBI can now release their hoard of bitcoin believed to be the largest stash in the world. Lol.”

                • Eric

                  Krell, you and I will have a very good laugh when bitcoin falls to it’s true fair market value of ZERO! 🙂

  • Moishe

    I was a Caddy for the Elite (including Jamie Dimon & Blankfen, Yellen et al.)

    CEO’s are just highly paid actors. Big investors make the decisions. Most have little allegiance to the corrupt satanic system they serve. – See more at:

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