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Miniature Drones of The Future Won’t Need “Human Input, Radar or Even GPS Satellite Navigation”

by Nicholas West, Activist Post:

While the use of military drones is rightly criticized as report after report sanitizes death numbers for public consumption, the future is heading toward a miniaturization of drone technology that makes it increasingly likely that they will take on an even greater role in assassinations and widespread surveillance.

At the heart of this initiative is something known as biorobotics, essentially the agenda to mimic nature in order to produce robotic facsimiles. When applied to drones, biorobotics hopes to harness nature’s unique ability to fly through all environments while avoiding obstacles, and ultimately untether these micro-drones from human control.

According to the Society for Experimental Biology, the latest research is focusing on the flight patterns of bees and birds such as the budgerigar to study their vision systems and flight intricacies. The following two videos to demonstrate these principles:

A research team at the University of Queensland, Australia is using high-speed cameras to plot these movements found within nature and create autonomous micro-drones. The study group makes no secret about the hoped-for applications, and they offer an example of the conversely clunky approach of a fixed-wing autonomous drone landing in the video that follows.

The biologically-inspired principles we uncover will foster a new generation of fully autonomous UAVs that do not rely on external help such as GPS or radar. These UAVs could be incredibly useful for applications like surveillance, rescue operations, defence, and planetary exploration. (Emphasis added) [Source]

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