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Michael Rivero “Gangsterism Has Replaced Government & How George Soros Controls Black Lives Matter!”

from The Richie Allen Show:

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4 comments to Michael Rivero “Gangsterism Has Replaced Government & How George Soros Controls Black Lives Matter!”

  • anon

    1) Petition for White House to declare Black Lives Matter [BLM] a terrorist group has 100,000+ signatures

    2) BLM Leader DeRay Mckesson Lives In Home Owned By [George] Soros’ Open Society Board Member

    3) “Latest word is that there will be “Black Lives Matter” protests/riots in over thirty US cities across the nation this coming Friday. If it gets really violent, then Obama has his excuse to suspend the Constitution and complete the transformation of the United States into a true dictatorship.” (Source:

    4) Gun Homicides in U.S. Down 40% from 1993 to 2014; Lowest Rate in 34 Years

    NOTE: So, WHY all the focus of the MSM (Main Stream Media) on calls for “gun control”?

    5) CNN Immediately Seizes Upon Dallas Massacre To Target 2nd Amendment

    NOTE: How convenient, that just as the entire focus of the Main Stream Media was on Hitlary and her crimes, and being given a GET-OUT-OF-GOING-TO-JAIL-FREE PASS by James Comey of the FBI – suddenly, and VERY CONVENIENTLY – the two shootings of those two young Black kids, and then the 5 Dallas Cops. Suddenly, the MSM (Main Stream Media) is ALL over it – and the focus is taken OFF Hitlary Clinton, and returned to the “elite” AGENDA, on the issue of “gun control”. THAT’S HOW THEY DO IT! Plus, there’s the added benefit of the “gun violence” being part of the broader “war on terror” – or, so they’d like you to think. And, if they can bring “race” into the story, they’ll do that, as well, as part of their DIVIDE AND CONQUER strategy. Keep all the 99.999% fighting against each other, so they never realize that they ALL SHARE A COMMON ENEMY! TO USE A SPORTS EUPHEMISM: LET’S NOT “TAKE OUR EYES OFF THE BALL!”

    6) Former CIA Agent, Robert Steele, indicates that the “race war” is government contrived – it simply doesn’t actually exist:

    Former CIA Agent “The Clinton Foundation Is A Global Fraud Which Has Stolen $100 Billion!”

    7) Republicans ask DOJ to investigate Clinton for perjury

    NOTE: Just look at the actual STATISTICS with regard to Chicago’s murders to see what the reality is, on the ground in a major American city:

    8) Media Ignores Chicago’s High Murder Rate (Mayor RAHM EMANUEL’S “Gun-Free Zone” City)

    The STATS:

    “Blacks killed by Whites ~~ 2%
    Blacks killed by Police ~~ 1%
    Whites killed by Police ~~ 3%
    Whites killed by Whites ~~16%
    Whites killed by Blacks ~~ 81%

    Those are some VERY revealing statistics, that show the REALITY, ON THE GROUND, in a major metropolitan area. By looking at those statistics, it appears “Black Lives Matter” is an organization that should be talking mainly to Black people: “BLACKS KILLED BY BLACKS ~~ 97%”; Whites killed by Blacks ~~ 81%; Blacks killed by Police ~~ 1%!

  • anon

    Want to find out who, exactly, Hitlary Clinton (AND James Comey) works for? Find out:

    Read the book, entitled _THE COMMITTEE OF 300_, by Dr. John Coleman, former MI6 (BRITISH INTELLIGENCE). He gives you a SCHOLARLY, fact-filled HISTORY of who, exactly, the Western “elites” are, who FINANCES them, who their main Allies (or Subsidiaries) are, WHAT THEIR AGENDA IS!, & how they’ve got the majority of people, Americans especially (thanks to their TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE, and their stranglehold on the U.S. Public “Education” System, the Main Stream Media, & Hollywood), walking around like mind-less, brain-dead zombies, without a single CLUE, as to what is REALLY going on. HE COVERS IT ALL. Every American should read this book.

    Here is where I obtained my copy:

    • anon

      ALL of the following issues or “memes” were created by the Western “elites” to serve their AGENDA: 1) “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”, 2) “War on Terror”, 3) “War on Drugs”, 4) “Gun control”, 5) Economic Recession or Depression or even Collapse, 6) “Political correctness”. Americans are being played.

  • Moishe

    Scott Roberts – Who’s to Blame for the Anti-White Agenda? – Radio 3Fourteen

    Scott Roberts has been behind several YouTube channels, releasing around 2000 videos, addressing the agenda of organized elites. Many of his videos have been taken down by YT administration.

    Read all comments…….

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