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Media Ignores Chicago’s High Murder Rate

from The Alex Jones Channel:

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2 comments to Media Ignores Chicago’s High Murder Rate

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    I don’t get the meme that AJ is pushing when trying to correlate the rationale behind a retaliatory response to the perceived unfair treatment of black citizens by police, to the murderous and homicidal behavior of black on black killings in Chicago.
    One is the response to authoritarian tyranny, the other is simply lawless civilian mayhem. How are the two related under the Black Lives Matter meme? Just because they are black? The two themes are miles apart.

    • Because Alex Jones is a shit-stirring disinfo pig, that’s why! 😉

      He’s been one for a long, long time, but there’s been a distinct shift in narrative at the InfoWhores OPeration over the last couple years. In the past, I could at least listen to select guests, segments, or analysis that gleaned a little Truth and take value once in a while. Now, though? It’s pretty much a bunch of half-a-Neocon pantywaists pushing Trump and parroting some of the worst analysis in alt-media.

      The meme you so correctly take issue with (black on black violence in cities like Chicago, which is gang-related and drug trade-fueled vs. black retaliation to police) is a pretty blatant one – I catch my Boomer relatives watching Fox on too many occasions, and I’ve seen enough segments on EXACTLY THIS ISSUE to know that’s how they’re playing it, too.

      “Look at the blacks, they’re out of control! Killing each other, killing our valiant Po-Po!” Now THAT’S genuine racism right there. Not this social justice warrior horse shit.

      Disgusting that Jones brings up inner city violence without mention of the CIA drug trade that fuels it all, as he SURELY knows better. No mention of why this “protester assassin” was walking around in camo, with the protesters, and in broad daylight (a la Lee Harvey Oswald) before “doin’ the deed”. The whole thing makes no sense. But Jones is a right-wing Nationalist now, and that’s how he’s gonna play it: By being the poison pill.

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