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Matt Damon Thinks The Government Should Take Your Damn Guns

from TheTruthDamit:

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7 comments to Matt Damon Thinks The Government Should Take Your Damn Guns

  • d

    ALL these pinkos….trash the USA when they are in another country….OBAMA,KERRY,CARTER,BILL and HILLARY CLINTON (since their younger days)…JOLIE,PITT,GLOVER,GINSBURG,and many more….imho

  • E.

    Why doesn’t Matt Damon ban his own movies. Not so bright after all,
    just another useless tool.

  • Larry Sigurdson

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  • anon

    “Matt Damon Thinks The Government Should Take Your Damn Guns”?

    Matt Damon is either a dumbass or works for “Jews”. I’ll let you decide.

  • anon

    Here’s a “hint”:

    Question: Which ‘tribe’ controls Hollywood?
    Answer: “Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood—But Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same”:

    Question: Which ‘tribe’ controls the Western Mainstream Media?
    Answer: “Seven Jewish Americans Control Most US Media”:

  • Kak


    Hello there Matt Damon !
    You are a fraking lying treasonous piece of filth, you dirtbag of shiz.

    You make your money in movies showing the POWER and PROTECTION of firearms but you don’t want regular people to own them.

    Or is it that YOU WERE TOLD TO SAY THAT?

    Who cares which one it is.
    You are a traitor.
    I will never watch any of your movies ever again.
    That much, I can do and make a difference

  • Howard Roark

    Why even care what a casting couch jewtoy has to say on the subject. He as to wear depends now his anal leakage is so bad.

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