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Massive Geopolitical Tremors Put the Cartel – and History’s Largest Fiat Ponzi Scheme – at the Precipice

by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

After “Cliff High’s” prediction Wednesday that a “late afternoon” event would prompt an explosion of gold, silver, and Bitcoin this weekend, it’s difficult to not pay attention. Whether he’s “right” or not, we’ll see soon, whether due to an actual proprietary forecasting method or pure luck. As quite obviously, Precious Metal fundamentals are already so strong, they simply need a “match” to light the proverbial fuse. Which is why, last weekend, I essentially “called” the Cartel’s imminent demise – a call made far stronger by today’s COT report, released at 3:30 PM EST, showing COMEX “commercials” barely covered any of their record gold short position as of last Tuesday, and took their record silver short to a new, “off the charts” high. Which will surely grow much higher next week, if what just occurred an hour ago – causing gold, silver, and Bitcoin to surge in the thinly-traded post-NYSE hours – can’t be “managed” by Sunday night. Trust me, this never happens on a Friday night – much less, any night. And certainly, not lately, with the Cartel already on death’s door, as “Economic Mother Nature” and the “unstoppable tsunami of reality” bear down on it.

I could write of dozen different “PM-bullish, everything-else-bearish” topics – from the imminent collapse of the Italian banking system; the heavily destabilizing – and likely, violent ramifications of yesterday’s French terrorist attack; the explosion of corporate bond defaults, to a pace above the 2009 post-crisis level; plunging Chinese investment and trade activity; surging global oil supply; plunging UK real estate prices; the redacted 9/11 report pages suggesting the Saudi government may have been involved; “Maestro” Greenspan, a week after calling for a return to the gold standard, calling the Euro currency a “failure”; a surging U.S. inventory-to-sales ratio; the “core CPI” the Fed fears so much remaining stubbornly above its 2.0% target, amidst a collapsing global economy; the soon-to-collapse Indian government procuring essentially zero gold in its ill-begotten “gold monetization scheme”; to the Bank of England’s Chief Economist not only promising to act “promptly as well as muscularly” at its August meeting, to “stimulate” the UK economy.

However, today’s “main event” is clearly the military coup attempt – and resulting martial law declaration – occurring as I write in Turkey; which may or may not succeed, but will clearly turn what is already one of the world’s most dangerous geopolitical hotspots into a “black swan ground zero,” which could easily destabilize not only financial markets, but the entire European, Middle Eastern, and Asian political landscape. This is clearly why Precious Metals surged in the post-NYSE “aftermarket,” and why Monday could be an historic trading day, if the situation isn’t “fixed” by then. Heck, it may well be anyway – as the way I see it, the entire powers-that-be scheme to hold together a collapsing monetary system with smoke, mirrors, and unprecedented market manipulation is on the verge of implosion. And given my view that the gold and silver Cartel is on its last legs already, it wouldn’t take much for a chain reaction, resulting in the inevitable “end game” of global currency collapse, to spontaneously commence.

I cannot claim to be an expert in Turkish geopolitics. However, given its significant role in the exploding European immigration crisis – which will worsen exponentially following yesterday’s French terror attack – it’s difficult to believe markets will not start to really fear that the European Union, and Euro currency, are not in imminent danger. Let alone, Turkey’s delicate geopolitical role in the ISIS crisis, bordering Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Not to mention, its control of the Straits of Bosphorus, one of the world’s most important sea trade routes – and Russia’s only warm water transportation route. Throw in the fact that Turkey’s President, Recep Erdoğan, is perhaps the most psychotic, megalomaniacal dictator outside Kim Jong-Il, and the possibilities for dramatic, destabilizing geopolitical changes are endless. This, in a world already on the precipice of economic collapse, where political and social revolutions are literally exploding. Heck, by the time next weekend rolls around, we may well be speaking similarly of the Republican convention – which I hope and pray, for the sake of America, goes without a hitch, with Donald Trump rightfully claiming the nomination.

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13 comments to Massive Geopolitical Tremors Put the Cartel – and History’s Largest Fiat Ponzi Scheme – at the Precipice

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    So, when you add it all up, it’s like everybody in the city trying to flush the toilets using Gasoline instead of water.

    The system is primed to explode and it’s gonna happen everywhere at once.

    Andy’s right. Heck. ALL the predictors of doom and gloom are right. Everything’s SOoo messed up that even Stevie Wonder can SEE it.

    The OiL glut, tankers parked in long ques waiting to offload into tank farms that are overflowing (all those things are just more great CIA-ISIS-Mossad-JPM-GS-Exxon targets too), and blowing a few up would reduce the glut and boost oiL prices and help the banks to get paid back on some of those OiL loans. (be ready to observe a false flag that reduces the oiL glut in some way.)

    Many of us out there, believe that Erdogan “staged” the “coup” as an excuse to consolidate his control over the courts and the rest of society, but locking down Incirlik military base and dictating to the USA Cabal? Hahaha. I think there are some cross-hairs out there with Erdogan’s name on it.

    In any case, the turmoil in Turkey (T.i.T.) is in the ringer, and I imagine that the USA & E.U. “money flow-bribe sysetm” is gonna suffer some big bottlenecks, and Turkey’s main LEGIT source of income (TOURISM) is going down the toilet even worse than before. (All that money stopping, is gonna make a LOT of local Mafia businessmen VERY unhappy that Erdogan fucked it up.) More cross-hairs for Erdogan. Of course, now that Turkey is on the “Fast Track” to become another SUPER MUSLIM NATION, it’s just another reason why it’s gonna change from a minor stinky country into FULL retard toilet bowl Islamic Turd.

    Yep, things sure are boiling over in so many ways.

    I noticed that the MSM is happy to be able to report on some big news as long as it does NOT mention any corruptions on Wall Street, EU Derivatives, etc to infinity. (Hey LOOK!!! A DISTRACTION!!!)

    They point to Distractions? We Keep On Stackin’!!

    I wonder how many “regime changes” will occur during the next 5 years? How many money institutions will fail. How many political big shots will be replaced? Countries will drastically change or even disappear.

    Gardening will become “self mandatory” for people who desire to survive.

    Let’s put 2 & 2 together here, and make ONE little prediction for the collapse.

    Craig Predicts, that as the country is broken down, perhaps even the GRID is down, stores are empty, gas stations not working, etc.

    Craig’s prediction is that even though there is an OiL glut and the tankers and tank farms are FULL, that it will be VERY difficult (or impossible) to buy FUELs. BUT, there will be a BIG BLACK market of gasoline tanker drivers etc, who will TAKE (steal) fuel from the tank farms and SELL it on the black market, or even sell it directly from the delivery trucks to people who have something of value to trade (such as GOLD, Silver, Food, Booze, tobacco or drugs.) but not BitCoins. Sorry Mike, sorry fonestar.

    Stack & Pack, Never Look Back.

    • Petedivine

      Nice write up. I see people waking up all over the place.

      • Ed_B

        Yep. When the smoke finally gets thick enough, even the near-comatose will start noticing it. But their behavior pattern probably won’t change all that much. They will, as always, wait until the last possible moment and then they will race out to the stores and clean off the shelves down to the paint.

  • Silver Shield

    I am losing one of the last voices I listen too…
    First BitCon, now webbots…
    Stay focused on tangible and reality.

  • Kakistocracy

    Not quite time yet.

    There will be a HUGE drop in PM pricing before there is any long term UPTREND.

    Please try to understand why.
    Many if not all of the cartel’s corrupt control mechanisms (Large Naked Short Positions selling Futures on PM’s) are still firmly in hand.

    They , the “CARTEL” have not lost anything yet.
    No control has been ceded,
    No corruption has been found, (large bribes paying off)
    No investigations have been started
    Nothing has changed.

    You think this price increase in SILVER is real ?
    Why do you continue to act like psychological children seeing only what you want to see ?
    NONE of the Cartel’s power has been usurped.
    We still have PAPER markets controlling the Physical PM’s markets.
    We still have PRICE COLLARS/PRICE CIRCUIT BREAKERS which almost everyone seems to forget, on SILVER and GOLD Futures pricing, but only on the way UP!

    Understand these facts, then you will realize nothing will change unless the COMEX goes belly up. Using CoT reports is like looking at piles of dog-excrement to determine the weather patterns. It is ALL CORRUPTED, ALL FRAUDULENT.

    When a real PHYSICAL SETTLEMENT market opens up with large volume of trades (e.g. SGE ?) for Physicall Delivered Metal , then and only then will we have a PRICE SPIKE or should I say Price Normalization of Au/Ag.

    And not a moment before.

    • Silver Shield

      God I hope so!!!
      I don’t like stacking in the $20’s and would love a 2008 smack to $8!
      Another month and we hit the seasonal tide for higher silver prices and if we go like 2010 we could be back at $50 in the spring if not much higher.

      • Kakistocracy

        I think you and I will get our common wish.

        The price attack on Au/Ag will be synchronized with the coming Capital Markets collapse.
        (e.g. Capital Markets: Raising money for new businesses and ideas, something the US used to be the best at, now they only export DEATH and DEBT).

        When the SP500, DJIA, NASDAQ fall by half, the Au/Ag FUTURES price will follow.
        Only because the CARTEL does not want the inverse correlation between Au/Ag and Fiat Currency. Thus the corruption and fraud will continue EVEN WHEN THE MARKETS COLLAPSE, WHICH THEY WILL VERY SHORTLY.

        Wait unitl the “DEATH OF Au/Ag Sentiment” occurs which will be timed with the Market Collapse.

        Then BUY.
        I wish you well in stacking.

        REMEMBER: Silver has INTRINSIC value. As does Platinum.
        We need to discover what INTRINSIC value Aurum/Gold has.
        Palladium the final fourth metal out of the four precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium) is the key to COLD FUSION and Free-er Energy.

  • SilverHawk

    Clif said that back on July 8th. Tuesday the 12th was the launch day for silver. Nothing happened. Now out of nowhere comes the Turkey coup of which he made no mention, that will possibly rock the markets on Sunday evening. Sorry, but fail for Clif

    • Clif’s July predictions of “16 days” and wild price action for silver and bitcoin certainly haven’t shaped up. But the “Color Coup” in Turkey was certainly mentioned in the actual ALTA reports from a few months back.

      The actual forecast included sets for a “terrible mistake” by the Turkish administration that would trigger the default of an insurance company in Europe (I believe it was Italy). While it doesn’t take Clif’s software to realize that there are (and have been since at least 2013) massive changes to Turkey taking place on the Grand Chessboard, I suppose it could actually qualify as a “web bot hit.” Hardly a complete failure – we’ll see if the predicted European insurance chaos actually manifests, though.

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