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Keiser Report: Global Energy Crisis (Summer Solutions Series E946)

from RT:

In this special episode of the 2016 Summer Solutions series of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk to Gregor Macdonald of and the TerraJoule newsletter. They discuss energy transition, San Diego’s 2035 plan, walkable cities, and urban burbs. They also examine Saudi Arabia’s plan to float Saudi Aramco and go solar.

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1 comment to Keiser Report: Global Energy Crisis (Summer Solutions Series E946)

  • oneno

    The Global Energy Crisis is manufactured. The myth of “Peak Oil” was used to drive-up energy prices in a time when a certain president of Venezuela had offered to US motorists a gallon of gasoline for only 0.50 cents. Now how is that possible?

    The Earth is literally swiming in an energy field – the solar wind – that drives our weather.

    All that is needed to tap into that virtually free energy are winG Generators that are optimized to harvest that energy cleanly, safely and efficiently.

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