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Keiser Report: Escaping America

from RT:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That was a VERY interesting double interview, and even Jeff Berwick’s interview was actually very interesting as they talked about people who are trapped by the American legal system that gets in the way of LEAVING the American citizenship system of taxation, etc.

    The 2nd half, totally NEW to me, about a “voluntary, “virtual” nation system” called:
    BitNation Pangea. It’s exists on the Blockchain and is designed to compete with Nation-State control of people. The “Bitnation” has it’s own level of citizenship, and sets up a system of government services normally done only be normal nations, such as Marriages, real estate documents, etc etc.

    Estonia is the first nation to give some legal cooperation.

    Even if you dislike Jeff, then go the 2nd half and check out the other interview all about BitNation.
    I found this pretty darned interesting stuff. This is gonna add to the competition that people are starting to put up against corrupt nations & greedy “leaders” (dictators).

    Of course, if the grid goes down, so goes everything that is “virtual”.

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