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Its Probably A Good Time To Get Your AR-15 Now…

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

If you have been thinking about getting one, now is probably a good time to acquire your AR-15…before the gun-grabbers implement a ban by either some sort of ‘executive order’ or some other method.

Additionally, ‘if’ Hillary wins the election, you can almost guarantee that the following things will hinder or eliminate your ability to acquire one:

1. There will be a massive rush on AR-15’s (and all other firearms related products) even before the election due to the possibility that Hillary might be elected.

2. If Hillary is elected, there will be even more buying of AR-15’s (and other firearms products) due to her clear stance on banning them, and her strong desire to take your guns (and eliminate your ability to acquire them).

3. Hillary will likely ban AR-15’s (and others), and probably its ammunition too – by decree.

4. She will appoint Supreme Justices who will crush the 2nd Amendment with a majority ‘far left’ court.

5. The overwhelming demand from those purchasing AR-15’s and other firearms products and ammunition will create shortages and ‘out-of-stock’ issues within the industry. Remember the .22 ammo problem? Magnify that by MANY times ‘across the board’.

Here are a few notes about AR-15’s, especially for those who may be apprehensive or afraid of them, or who think that this rifle is especially dangerous, especially deadly, etc..

-Just because the rifle is colored black does not mean it’s especially bad.

-The AR in ‘AR-15’ does not stand for ‘assault rifle’. It stands for ArmaLite Rifle, after the company that first developed it in the 1950’s.

-Just because they typically come with a 30-round magazine doesn’t mean that it’s more dangerous than one with say, a 10-round magazine. Why? Because a magazine can be easily swapped out in a few seconds. And, see the next point:

-The AR-15 (just like any other semi-automatic weapon) will fire one bullet per trigger pull.

-The AR-15 is NOT an automatic weapon. An automatic weapon is a ‘machine gun’ which fires bullets continuously while the trigger is pulled. Machine guns have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1934, and obtaining a permit to own one is an arduous time intensive and expensive process.

-Just because the AR-15 is easily accessorized does not mean that the accessories make it any more dangerous. The gun still shoots the same way regardless.

-There are ordinary hunting rifles that are much more powerful than the AR-15.

-The most common bullet (caliber) used in the AR-15 (.223 / 5.56mm) is practically the same diameter as that of an ordinary .22 rifle. It just has more mass and more powder behind it.

-The AR-15 is America’s most popular sporting rifle. Why? Probably because it’s like having an erector set – where you can build it and accessorize it in so many different ways… Plus they’re just fun to shoot – and not much recoil compared to some other rifles 😉

-Just because a scum criminal uses an AR-15 (America’s most popular and common sporting rifle) does not mean that the AR-15 is at fault in the crime. The criminal is the fault, not the weapon that was used.

-Guns (and AR-15’s) don’t shoot by themselves. It takes a human being to pull the trigger.

I’m sure there are more things that you can add to this list (please do in the comments below).

What’s your opinion about the potential for AR-15 (and ammo) shortages coming up?

If Hillary is elected, what’s your opinion of the future of this firearm? (or any firearm)

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5 comments to Its Probably A Good Time To Get Your AR-15 Now…

  • For those on a budget who’ve not yet purchased a good semi-auto, mid-range carbine, here are two “high value” suggestions that are solid firearms:

    1) The Smith and Wesson M&P Sport – melonite-coated barrel, Magpul furniture, retails for around $600, give or take $30. If you can live without a shell deflector and forward assist, it’s a great starting rifle.

    2) DPMS Oracle – Based in Huntsville, AL, they make solid guns with a lifetime warranty. You can get them with chrome-lined barrels for an extra $20, and they, too, retail for around $600. Great starting point.

    3) Yugoslavian AK – There’s some nice ones coming out these days for around $500. Much better than the old WASR-10s, though still Century imported weapons.

    Getting a cheapo AR with a nice lower receiver is the way to go, IMO. You can swap out whatever parts you like, add to your setup with time, and unlike building from scratch for about the same price, you get a factory warranty should anything go wrong.

  • Eric

    If I didn’t still live in stupidfornia, I would go get one right now. Whatever it costs, it’s worth it. Unless you already have something comparable.

    I still don’t think Hillary is going to win the white house. But just in case. 😉

    The ammo is more of a concern to me than the guns. They want to track EVERYTHING.

  • d

    Since this country has been sold to the highest bidder AND nobody in authority obeys the CONSTITUTION….It matters not what any president or supreme court says…they are OUT SIDE of the LAW of the LAND our original founders Constitution…and ITS true meanings not what some progressive asshole says….therefore NON COMPLIANCE to any Federal Law is mandatory…and hence a state of war will be in effect within our borders…imho….Semper Fi

  • Frank

    Anyone looking for an alternative to the AR15 or AK47 should check out the CZ VZ58 a high quality short stroke piston operated semi automatic rifle that shoots the popular 7.62X39 ammo used by the AK47 and SKS. These rifles have a milled receiver and are nearly 2 lbs lighter than an AK47 depending on how they are configured with options such as standard stock, folding stock, skeleton stock etc. Czech (pun intended) them out at Add a crate of 1400 rounds of 7.62X39 ammo and for less than $!,500 the cost of a good quality AR15 you are good to go with a high quality rifle.

  • Ed_B

    Have both a nice AR (Bushmaster Carbon 15) and a decent AK (US-legal Saiga) and plenty of ammo for both. Also have a Mossberg 500 pump gun that is a very effective deterrent against groups of thugs. I like the accessories / sights available for the AR platform but also like the solid punch of the heavier AK round. I am comfortable using either of these in a defensive SHTF situation. Backup is provided by 2 9 mm pistols, a .45 semi-auto, and a .357 mag (S&W Mdl 19).

    But ammo is the key in all this. At the very minimum, one should have 2,000 rounds for each rifle and 500 for each pistol. 2-3 times this amount is good to have as is a reloading kit and plenty of components to make more ammo when needed.

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