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It’s Our “Freedom” They Hate — US Coalition Air Strikes Kill 77 Civilians, Including Children

by Matt Agorist, Activist Post:

On Monday, airstrikes, believed to be led by US coalition forces, killed 21 innocent civilians in Manbij’s northern Hazawneh quarter in Syria, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. On Tuesday, additional strikes in the region killed 56 more, including multiple children, according to Reuters.

Prior to the strikes on Tuesday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights noted that more than 100 civilians have been killed in Manbij in only a short time — nearly half of them children.

The deaths of these innocent men, women, and children will, and likely already have been, written off as collateral damage in the war on terror.

The US military will claim that Islamic militants hide among the population to deliberately cause civilian casualties during coalition strikes. However, they conveniently ignore the fact that it is coalition bombs killing the civilians.

Prior to the assault on Syria from the west, Syria had vibrant, bustling marketplaces in the old cities of Damascus and Aleppo. The country boasted its own innovative IT industry despite economic sanctions imposed by the west.

Terror attacks were all but non-existent and the people certainly never feared bombs falling from the sky. However, all that changed after the ambitions of the military industrial complex became reality.

In depressing irony, the west continues to fail to realize the cause of terrorism. Americans, especially, continue to buy into the notion that the terrorists hate our freedom.

The mainstream media and politicians alike fail to ever mention blowback as the real cause of terrorism.

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