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It Begins, Negative Interest Rates On Deposits In The Largest Dutch Bank – Episode 1031a

from X22Report:

Greece has a new class of people, the neo-poor. Subprime financial corporation is holding back its earning report. Caterpillar sees 43 months of declining sales. Dallas Fed contracts again, the only thing that’s keeping it moving up is hope it will get better. Baltic Dry Index falls again. More European banks now need a bailout. The largest Dutch bank is now including depositors in their negative interest rate scheme.

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  • rich

    Forget Helicopter Money, Helicopter Coupons May Work, OECD Says

    “Helicopter money by itself isn’t going to be any more effective at gaining economic growth than what the central banks have been doing already,” Mann told Francine Lacqua and Tom Keene on Bloomberg TV. As a saver, “you’re just going to take the helicopter money and put it in your mattress — where you’ve been keeping the rest of it,” she said. “Now, helicopter shopping coupons: we could talk about that, where you actually have to go spend the money.”

    “We can’t just stick with this low nominal GDP growth,” said Mann. “As policy makers and as politicians we have to recognize that we have the tools” and that “it’s our responsibility as politicians and policy makers to do that because otherwise our youth won’t have jobs and a better future and our old people: we won’t be able to pay for their pensions. ”

    hmmm…i guess things aren’t as good as talking heads suggest?

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