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Indict Holder And Obama NOW!

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

That’s enough.

Being a jackass is one thing. Arming terrorists is another.

Remember, ISIS and it’s various pieces (Al-Qaida or however they’re spelling it this week) and similar have declared war on the United States. They did so on 9/11 and have done so since, explicitly. This is not supposition, it is fact.

Treason is defined under the law as giving aid or comfort to a declared enemy in a time of war. We are at war with ISIS / Al-Qaida/whatever-whack-job muzzie group pops up next to take the same mantle. Remember that before Congress declared war against Japan in 1941 the President said a state of war existed as of the attack on Pearl. Duh.

The same is true here.

If this proves up, and Judicial Watch is incidentally known to be right and does not shoot from the hip, then Obama, Holder, and everyone else in the DOJ and BATFE involved in “Fast-n-Furious” must face charges.

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

A Report of Investigation (ROI) filed by a case agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, “off book,” Judicial Watch’s law enforcement sources confirm. Federal agents tracing the firearm also found the Phoenix gun owner to be in possession of an unregistered fully automatic weapon, according to law enforcement officials with firsthand knowledge of the investigation.

Eric Holder and President Obama personally, along with other members of the BATFE, did knowingly and intentionally allows guns to be sold to people who they knew were ineligible to buy them by virtue of either (1) not being American citizens or (2) not being the actual purchasers (e.g. “straw purchases.”)

One of those guns killed a US Border Agent. A second – a BMG .50 cal — was found in El Chapo’s (yes, the Mexican drug lord) house. Those are crimes for which nobody has been indicted, charged or tried.

Now it is being alleged by Judicial Watch that one of the weapons used in the Paris terrorist attacks passed through the hands of someone who the Obama Administration intentionally allowed to traffic in weapons illegally and that person sold one of the guns that was used in the Paris attacks. Specifically, it is alleged by Judicial Watch that agents were told to not arrest that very person prior to the attacks and, presumably, delivery of that weapon for possession of an unregistered (and thus illegal) fully automatic gun they caught him with — that is, a machine gun!

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