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IMPLOSION: Democrats RUNNING ADS on Craig’s List for “Actors to Fill Empty Seats” at Convention: $50 a Day to Applaud

from Red Flag News:

After hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters stormed out of the Democratic National Convention, the Wells Fargo Center appeared almost empty. The Democrats are now advertising for “Actors” who will be paid $50 a day to attend the rest of the convention to “cheer” and “wear promotional material.”

The DNC is literally trying to fill empty seats with paid actors for their national convention!

A screen shot of the Craig’s List Ad appears below.

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4 comments to IMPLOSION: Democrats RUNNING ADS on Craig’s List for “Actors to Fill Empty Seats” at Convention: $50 a Day to Applaud

  • Randy

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?? The DNC has now been revealed to be such an UGLY old hag of a screaming shrew bitch, she has to resort to BUYING dates to be seen with out in public!! HAH!! I wonder, how many takers they will get? There are so many people looking for a job with this economy that was trashed by DEMONCRAPS, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some people who are willing to hold their nose for a few hours per day.

  • Sam

    The army of Shills hired for Hitllery on the net are taking issue with the ad claiming it is not real, after it was exposed of course…however, the picture at the link of the largely empty seats at the convention does lend credence to the article. The empty seats too at the convention corroborate Hitlery’s vacate no show empty audience throughout her failing campaign.

    • Ed_B

      Empty seats and empty suits… seems fitting.

      If true, this reminds me of the old joke about the kid who was so ugly that his parents tied a pork chop to his neck so the family dog would play with him.

      The Dems have a whole lot of “chickens” that are coming home to roost… in flocks. Well earned, well deserved.

  • John

    Even though her numbers are dismal, unfortunately in this rigged system she is going to win. These puppets are selected, not elected. The guy who programmed the voting machines was in front of some panel (on video) stating how easily the system is to hack. He said something to the effect of vote as many times as you’d like for a candidate and if they want the other candidate to win the machine will just spit out the pre-selected winner. I bet it’s going to be another close one (as they always are), 51 to 49, or 52 to 48. So close… we’ll get’em next time! LOL. Why do you think she doesn’t look worried. She’s got the banksters and Wall Street backing her, the justice department in her pocket, and the main stream media spewing her lies.

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