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I’m Sorry, Bernie Supporters. Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton.

from Stefan Molyneux:

In light of Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton, many of his supporters are shocked and appalled that he’d support a candidate he openly described as unqualified and corrupt. Stefan Molyneux offers a sympathetic message to those who have been burned once again by the political establishment and explains why this cycle of political disappointment is often inevitable.

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2 comments to I’m Sorry, Bernie Supporters. Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton.

  • Silver Shield

    Wait until Trump concedes to Hillary.
    They will be laughing harder together than at his third wedding the Clintons went too.

  • Daniel

    That’s right all you “Feeling the Bern” fans. Bow down to H. R. Cunton. She’s gonna fix it all real good she is. Gonna fix the world, she is. Gonna give gobs of money away to worthless wastes of flesh. And she’s gonna fix everything that’s wrong with the world because she cares about the “po po chillens”.

    And I got an 18 inch ****!

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