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How Frightening Levels of Roundup in Food Became ‘Normal’

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The quality of our food and the feed that we give to livestock is, of course, vital to our health. While “quality” of foods can be described as containing appropriate nutrients and vitamins at levels sufficient to sustain good health, it also means that what we consume should be free of toxins, both man-made and those that occur naturally.

And yet, “almost no data exist in the scientific literature on herbicide residues in herbicide tolerant genetically modified (GM) plants, even after nearly 20 years on the market,” according to a recent study by a pair of independent researchers, Thomas Bohn and Marek Cuhra.

The pair, writing at Independent Science News, noted that the research they had conducted involved soybean samples grown under three typical agricultural conditions: Organic, GMO, and conventional (non-GMO). They reported that the GMO soybeans were resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide, Roundup, in which glyphosate is the active ingredient.

The pair noted further:

“We tested these samples for nutrients and other compounds as well as relevant pesticides, including glyphosate and its principal breakdown product, Aminomethylphosponic acid (AMPA). All of the individual samples of GM-soy contained residues of both glyphosate and AMPA, on average 9.0 mg/kg. This amount is greater than is typical for many vitamins. In contrast, no sample from the conventional or the organic soybeans showed residues of these chemicals.”

As weed resistance grows, so does use – and toxicity – of glyphosate

The findings demonstrate that Roundup Ready GM-soybeans, which are sprayed during the growing season, gather in and accumulate glyphosate and AMPA. What’s more, the research shows, what was considered to be a working hypothesis for herbicide-tolerant plants, namely that as resistant weeds have spread, “there is a theoretical possibility that also the level of residues of the herbicide and its metabolites may have increased,” is now demonstrated to be happening.

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