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Hillary Wants to Overturn Citizens United – Why Not Corporate Personhood?

from The Daily Bell:

Democrat Hillary Clinton will call for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in her first 30 days as president, her campaign said. Clinton first made the pledge to overturn the decision in 2015 during the opening week of her presidential campaign. The 2010 high court ruling, which allowed unlimited corporate and union spending in elections, has helped release a flood of political money in federal, state and local contests. –USA Today

Hillary Clinton has decided if she is elected that she will try for a constitutional amendment to remove the Supreme Court decision called Citizens United.

Citizens United gives corporations “free speech.” In a sense, this treats them like people.

Corporate personhood is actually the root of the problem, not simply “speech.”

We’ve often pointed out that corporate personhood is one of three legs of the stool supporting the modern corporation.

The others are intellectual property rights and central banking.

Titanic flows of fiat money find their way into corporate coffers during economic crises.

Even without crises, multinational corporations are advantaged by fiat money and its resultant credit.

Intellectual property rights sound like a terrific idea but in fact these rights basically provide control of ideas to the largest and most powerful corporations.

There is no reason why corporations should be so large. Corporate personhood allows individual executives to avoid responsibly for corporate actions.

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1 comment to Hillary Wants to Overturn Citizens United – Why Not Corporate Personhood?

  • tomche

    What self respecting adult believes ANYTHING from a politicians mouth?? I mean, seriously?
    Especially from this psychopatic, serial LIAR.
    The fact it makes headlines at all is just so ludicrous…where’s my scotch…

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