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Hillary Strategist Blames “Stupid White People” For Popularity of Trump

“Stupid white people are the worst”

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

Senior Hillary strategist and former Obama campaign director Mitch Stewart says that the continuing popularity of Donald Trump can be attributed to one factor – “stupid white people.”

Stewart, who is white himself, is the founder of 270 Strategies, a consultancy firm that worked with Clinton Super PAC Ready for Hillary.

He also served as Battleground States Director for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and was hailed by the Guradian as helping to build “a historic ground operation that will provide the model for political campaigns in America and around the world for years to come.”

In a tweet, Stewart asserts, “Uneducated whites are keeping @realDonaldTrump at his current numbers. Stupid white people are the worst.”

Respondents were quick to fire back at Stewart’s lazy racism.

“His numbers are up because of the corruption in the DNC and your illegitimate candidate Hillary,” wrote one.

“Casual racism is OK as long as you support the right political party,” added another.

Stewart subsequently admitted that he was an “elitist,” before lecturing people on their spelling.

Stewart’s tweet is emblematic of how the left arrogantly dismisses support for Donald Trump by characterizing the concerns of his voters as bigoted and ignorant, when in reality millions of white, blue collar Americans support Trump because they have been harmed by globalist trade deals that have gutted the country’s industrial base.

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6 comments to Hillary Strategist Blames “Stupid White People” For Popularity of Trump

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Stupid white people? yes, they do exist, just look at how few of them know that FRN’s & paper investments are NOT money. (gold and silver are money)

    But the percentages of awake & aware people generally follows their I.Q. numbers.

    Look at what races have the highest numbers of engineers and programmers (Asians & Indians), and those same peoples are the biggest owners of gold and silver.

    White people are next in line.

    Black people generally have lower i.q’s and don’t really own any silver at all, but they do love to have gold, but only as a decoration for car rims, gold teef, or ghetto-gangster neck chains. The rarely know what a troy ounce is. (they’d think you are talking about drugs).

    To the black community, EBT, drugs and crack whores are the most bartered & traded items as much as FRN’s.

    In elections, blacks are too likely to vote solely based on skin color, as evidenced by the re-election of black mayors who were known criminals etc. Many blacks voted for Obama only because he was part African. (perhaps if he were still alive, they may have voted for “Col. Sanders”, but that’s different.)

    We all know that the crash will literally destroy the FSA.
    When the handouts cease, the Mexicans will run back to Mexico and the EBT-blacks will “BLM” (Burn, Loot & Mumble) until they are dead from violence, starvation, fires and disease.

    Things may get very bad. Drastic actions will be needed to prevent massive die-offs.

    Will governments be angels of mercy or just a triage exercise of locking down the cities until the fires have “cleansed” the area? For several years afterward, the earth will smell of burnt & rotted flesh & pollution from the burnt cities.

    Have plenty of HEPA FILTERS & respirators, ionizers, ozone machines, UV sterilizers etc just in case. This is one class of preps we rarely stack.

    Preps for “toxic air” is becoming more important even today.

  • d

    Hey Mitch…from a ‘stupid white person’…as once was said.” it takes one too know one” and as said now…GO FUCK YOURSELF…..imho

  • anon

    The only TRULY “stupid white people” in America are the Lib~TARDS “voting” for Hitlary.
    Hitlary takes her marching orders from the Council on Foreign Relations, which takes its marching orders from CHATHAM HOUSE in London. CHATHAM House takes its orders from the ‘Committee of 300’, & the W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers), in the ‘City’ of London.

    Are Your Opinions Crafted by Foreign Powers?


  • Howard Roark

    I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing Mitch bleeds like everyone else…he better learn to handle a firearm, because what is coming won’t be fought with “PAC money” and I’m guessing he won’t last the first 24-hours…

  • R

    Hey Mitch, nice to see that your masters have completed a successful brainwash on your entirely feeble mind, which is currently ruled by liberal political bias. Those of us human beings, regardless of color, who can see the forest through the trees realize that both leading political parties are full of crap and are only relying on the words and commands of the corporate and banking elite. Guess that exposes you as a STUPID, IGNORANT WHITE, who has been successfully programmed. Good luck with that…

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