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Hillary Clinton: The War with Russia (and China?) Candidate

from Rogue Money:

One of the best lines in Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech came when she quoted Jackie Kennedy’s relief that “little men” weren’t in charge during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when the world came, as Robert McNamara once told me, “just inches” from nuclear war.

If the Republican candidate for president can be “bait[ed] with a tweet,” as Clinton so memorably put it—if that disqualifies him from handling nuclear weapons, as she said—then the risk of World War III should be an issue in the 2016 campaign. Beyond his manifestly unsuitable temperament, Donald Trump will “endanger the world as we know it,” as Sen. Cory Booker put it. If you bust up the architecture of the postwar world—as Trump is threatening to do, either intentionally or out of ignorance—the war-and-peace conversation is not only fair, but necessary.

I quoted The Daily Beast here as an example because of it employing the pro-Wahhabi jihadist Trotskyite Michael D. Weiss, who speaks neither Arabic nor Russian, as an expert and frequent CNN commentator on Syria and Russia (did we mention Weiss also gets paid with your tax dollars and mine, as a writer for the RFE/RL absorbed former Mikhail Khodorkovsky funded Kiev regime rag The Interpreter)?.

The Russia Analyst also mentions the ‘architecture of the postwar’ world which DB ‘journalist’ Jonathan Alter says Trump is threatening to ‘bust up’, as a rotting, tottering house whose own mainstream media squatters led by the likes of the money-losing Economist or Daily Beast admit is losing structural integrity. A house that this generation inherited from previous generations like some wastrel heir who imagines himself a genius for having been born into a great ‘Western’ family fortune, but who lacks either the industriousness or morality to maintain it.

In fact, this is the great contradiction of the mainstream media’s Big Lies in this Year of Our Lord 2016: that something called America and the West stand ‘more united than ever’ and yet a supposed reality TV buffoon and clever ex-KGB officer are ‘weaponizing’ EVERYTHING. These two men’s distressing examples are all it apparently takes to make Brexit happen, enrage millions of Europeans helpless to stop a flood of Muslim refugees washing into their communities, and make the Western masses perceive that their economies and opportunities are falling apart, along with any ‘Judeo-Christian’ cultural norms they once took for granted.

Oh wait, Trump and his alleged running mate Vladimir Putin didn’t do all that. The globalists and the oh-so-respectable Establishmentarians railing against The Donald did that! The same people who rail against the awesome threat a country that supposedly has an economy ‘in tatters’ or at least smaller than Canada’s poses to our way of life and ‘freedumbs’ did that!

So not only do we see Russophrenia as described by Irish RT contributor Bryan Macdonald in the MSM Narrative of a collapsing, shambolic Potemkin village country Russia that might take over Europe not a minute after NATO or the EU fall apart (which they definitely will), we also see the mass psychosis of Trump-ophrenia. Whereby The Donald has to be one of the stupidest human beings ever to become a billionaire, yet has the Democrats and their DNC operatives with press passes (revealed via #DNCLeaks to be in cahoots up to and including Politico reporters dutifully submitting their articles for approval by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s minions before filing with their editors) expressing nervous laughter to each other — and turning Barry Soetoro our lame duck Commander in Chief stuttering mess who cannot be saved by his teleprompter.

The central issue in the U.S. Presidential campaign can’t even be discussed in U.S. newsmedia, because America’s media have been almost uniformly complicit all along in hiding from the American public the crucial factual information that’s necessary in order for the public to vote in an intelligent and truthfully informed way about it.

No news medium wants to report its own having been complicit in anything; so, the cover-up here just continues; it has a life of its own, even though it’s a life that brings the world closer and closer to a situation which would kill billions of people, as things get increasingly out-of-control the longer this coverup continues.

The cycle of virtually uniform lying thus persists, despite the growing danger it produces. This article will need to be lengthy, because the American public have been almost consistently lied-to about so many very important things — things associated with the nation’s central issue — an issue even bigger than terrorism, and than global warming, and than rising economic inequality and corruption, but which is still virtually ignored.

This article is thus intended to be ‘Drano’ for a political system that has become clogged by lies just jammed down into it, now backing up and pouring out onto America’s political floor. The overflowing sludge has got to be cleaned up, and discarded. Or else — and very suddenly — it will kill us all.

This central issue is whether or not to continue to move forward with the American government’s plan, ever since the Soviet Union and its military alliance the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, to extend NATO — the anti-Russia military club — right up to Russia’s borders, surround Russia with NATO nuclear missiles a mere five minutes flight-time to Moscow, and simultaneously build a “Ballistic Missile Defense” or “Anti Ballistic Missile” (BMD or ABM) system to nullify Russia’s retaliatory missiles against an unannounced blitz U.S.-NATO invasion to take over, if not totally eliminate, Russia and its resistance to U.S. power.

We are told our allies are nervous. They should be.

Even FDR could not lead a divided nation into war. When America divided over Vietnam, Richard Nixon had to lead us out. Our division led to America’s first defeat.

In the absence of a Pearl Harbor or 9/11 attack that brings us together in patriotic rage, Americans are not going to salute the next commander in chief, and then go fight Russia in the eastern Baltic or China over some reefs or rocks in the South China Sea. – Patrick J. Buchanan

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2 comments to Hillary Clinton: The War with Russia (and China?) Candidate

  • anon

    “Even FDR could not lead a divided nation into war. When America divided over Vietnam, Richard Nixon had to lead us out. Our division led to America’s first defeat.”

    Vietnam wasn’t AMERICA’S “first defeat”. AMERICAN’S (even if only subconsciously) KNEW that the war in Vietnam wasn’t a morally justified war. So, they protested against it. Naturally. (Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara has since come out and stated, unequivocally, that the “Gulf of Tonkin” “incident” NEVER HAPPENED! YOU CAN FIND THE VIDEO IN WHICH HE MAKES THAT STATEMENT ON YOUTUBE!) No, Americans were deceived into morally unjustified wars LONG BEFORE Vietnam. Try the Spanish-American War, when on February 15, 1898, the USS MAINE blew up in Havana Harbor, Cuba. The U.S. blamed the Spanish. By April of 1898, both the U.S. and Spain had declared war. It was U.S. Businessmen with financial interests in Cuba, responsible for that war. Fast forward to the East Coast Mafia’s & East Coast Liberal Establishment’s CASINOS and getaways in Havana, that Fidel Castro ended. That was the reason for the CIA’s (totally botched) ‘Bay of Pigs’ invasion (to get rid of Castro), for which JFK fired Allan Dulles, the then Director of the CIA (covert ops enforcement arm of the CFR ~ Council on Foreign Relations, U.S. branch of the former RIIA, [British] Royal Institute of International Affairs, now called CHATHAM HOUSE, in London, just one of MANY FRONT organizations of the ‘Committee of 300’ and the W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers).

    Killary Hinton takes her marching orders from the ‘Committee of 300’, from Western International Central Bankers, SABBATEAN-FRANKISTS (and no doubt from CHABAD LUBAVITCHERS).

    America was ‘defeated’ (debt-enslaved) on Dec. 23, 1913, with the passage of the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” Act.

  • anon

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