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Hillary Clinton & The Obstruction of Justice

Constitutional Crisis – States Attorney Generals

by Michael Ayala, SGT Report:

This is a response to the SGT Report video from July 5,  titled CLINTON & THE LAWLESS OLIGARCHY.

I suspect at this point it is time for state attorney generals to intervene and remove Clinton from the ballot in their own states. Also, because the government has clearly been compromised, the states should issue warrants for the arrests of Clinton, Comey, Lynch, and Obama, and anyone else involved in the conspiracy to obstruct justice.

Comey effectively provided the list of enough of her crimes that the states can and should prosecute all of these folks. If the FBI is unwilling to recommend prosecution, Lynch does not intervene and prosecute, and Obama does not intervene and prosecute despite the fact that Comey listed more than enough crimes to put her away for life, then all are culpable for another crime and are disqualified from holding office or any position in government.

As a former SCI cleared military intelligence personnel, from mine own experience it is absolutely clear that Clinton has violated specific information handling laws for which she should have immediately been put into jail while the investigation proceeded. Just having her own private server to conduct the business of her office should have immediately landed her into jail, and remember, the POTUS was fully aware of this arrangement and communicated with her via her private server, so it is also implicated in this crime. All the fluff and noise Comey spouted about intent is irrelevant and intended to deceive. This is a constitutional crisis which now requires the dissolution of the current administration because the conspiracy to obstruct justice involves the POTUS all the way down to the FBI and includes every office in between them.

It is high time to fix the problem now that it is clear that the U.S. Government is unashamedly self-proclaimedly corrupt. The non-elite-controlled alternative media needs to control the public narrative. I suspect collectively the alternative media has greater exposure to the people of the United States who are ready, willing, and able to engage their political representatives than the social morons and arrested-development libtards. Each state needs to be compelled by the people of each state to initiate a grand jury investigating this grand conspiracy involving the POTUS, the U.S. Attorney General, the FBI, and the Clintons to obstruct justice and their dereliction of duty.

Eventually it may require the Marines and the rest of the military to fulfill the oath of their office to defend the Constitution against enemies in the White House and the Obama administration, both foreign and domestic.

When a body can no longer expel the poisons by which it is being attacked and infected, it will die.

On another note, there needs to be a public outcry for corruption-free voting, outlawing electronic voting machines. We all saw what happened to Ron Paul. People still need to go to prison for that, and we need to use that as justification for immediate voting reform to prevent vote rigging. Pens and paper ballots with lots of witnesses are a necessary and critical tool to avoid vote rigging. We need to guard the integrity of our voting system.

God bless and protect you and your family.


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27 comments to Hillary Clinton & The Obstruction of Justice

  • wauhoo

    Struck from the ballot in a half a dozen states would warm the heart of most Americans.

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Reluctant Prepper advised all serving members, military and civilian forces, that they identify their allegiance to the people and the constitution, by displaying a “3%” mark on their vehicles.
    Spread the word.


    • The Constitution is pretty clear that there was to be no Standing Army, only to be chartered from the State militias, and to be funded for a period no longer than two years. Pretty much written to ensure that the arms industry remained decentralized.

      Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12

      My point? There’s no such thing as “serving members” or “military” who support the Constitution and there never will be. Just by joining, you spit in the face of its ideals and break its dictates.

      I tell ‘ya what, the modern “Constitutionalist” is like a modern Christian – cherry-picks the most romantic parts of the book, discards the inconvenient, and rewrites history in their own mind to justify this ridiculousness. Not saying groups like Oathkeepers aren’t good for keeping folks accountable or shedding light on how utterly criminal our “fighting men and women” have become, but nothing about that Oath is “Constitutional” in the slightest.

      Wanna be an Oathkeeper? Quit your job, people. That most do not is evidence enough that they’re no friend of the “polity.”

  • Allender


    SGT report deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor if anyone ever has.

    Oh…but as with Nobel Prizes (Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite, killing more “little people” than any elite tool so far), honor, decency, honesty and conscience have been bulldozed like Palestinians, by politics.

    If this whole “Clintons above the law” neutralization of any molecules of honor and decency the FBI may have clung to before this monumental punch in the face of Americans, it is gone. And if the American people and anyone in a position to not just cry FOUL! but actually refuse to roll over and wag their docked tail over this amazing miscarriage of justice, insult to us little people and nuclear kilotons of tyranny-in-your-face…the psychopathic elite have won—despite being such a tiny percentage of the “Arrested development” population.

    Could there be anything capable of waking up us little people before we stuff the FEMA camps? All the alarms…kind of like these alarms from Pink Floyd?

    …”The tolling of the iron (fisted) bell
    calls the faithful to their knees
    to hear the softly spoken magic spells….”

    • P51dman`

      It is not often I find a comment, on any site, that is personally offensive, however your comment, “(Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite, killing more “little people” than any elite tool so far)”, does it perfectly. The probability that you would have the opportunity to sit at your little electronic device, and spew such a one sided view of something is very slim without Dynamite. Allow me to explain, without mining, there is absolutely no society, and Dynamite made larger scale mining more safe and feasible to provide your ancestors, you and your future generations a much more comfortable lifestyle. If you read this, it is because of mining. If you respond in any kind of manner, it will be because a miner GAVE the opportunity to you.

      • Eric

        This is a self entitled society where everyone reacts emotionally before speaking and nobody like to get dirt on their hands.

        They take most of their comforts for granted and apparently still assume there are happy little elves are in the backroom of their local supermarket growing and making their next prepackaged meal.

  • KRELL427

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if this criminal act cost Hitlery the presidency.😁

    • Sergio of the jungle

      Wouldn’t it be sweeter if it went further and that this criminal act cost the oligarchs and their employees in government their ivory towers. All of them; because in keeping with the rationale for the establishment of this country based on freedom and equality, they are an anachronism and superfluous to its intended size and charter.
      The Law in our Libertarian Republic, was written to record the intent of the Justice System. That is, The Law is a record of the agreement of our collective association’s intent (Our Constitution) to protect the right of the individual against the weakness of greedy tyrants, who through their weakness, would threaten the individual’s right to property ownership, his right to unrestricted self defense, his pursuit of happiness in all of his endeavors and his right to protect his life.
      May this be the straw.

  • Global Grist

    You can’t have it both ways…

    a. Either she’s too stupid to be Secretary of State or President, or Librarian for that matter, or
    b. She knew exactly what she was doing, including destroying her daily agenda like Huma testified.

    This decision stinks of corruption and/or extortion, period, and if not that, then an ignorance so profound she has no business having a position in government.

    “No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges”…because he’d wind up on the Clinton death list!

  • Fraser

    Observing how European share markets are tanking, while those in the (five eyes) USA, UK, CAN, AUS & NZ are being held up. The plan post Brexit may be to tank Europe and see what gold can be forced out of Portugal, Italy, Spain and France. Sort of like the previous assassination of Libya and Venezula and the UK / US seizing their gold.

  • Fraser

    If you wanna know who really runs the USA, it is not “we the people”, it is the un-elected and un-democratic CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and Hillary is currently their “guy” (as once were Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama):

  • dcm

    Ya right the “state’s Attorney generals” are not going to do jack. A lesbian satanist is the perfect replacement of the current satanic sodomite , The only difference being she is an American citizen. In short she is the PERFECT representative of we the people.

  • Moishe

    3 min who runs the CFR

  • rich

    Hillary Clinton Could Get Away With Murder – Defining Deviance Down

    The FBI’s announcement that it won’t recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton is not only a stunning repudiation of the rule of law, it’s a coronation of American royalty. The FBI told us that Hillary broke the law, but that it’s of no consequence because she, like a queen (or king), is above the law.

    You don’t need to look beyond the four corners of the very FBI announcement that exonerates Clinton to see that she committed a crime carrying up to a 10-years sentence in prison. The FBI’s internal inconsistency—concluding that Clinton is above the very law that the FBI just finished showing that Clinton violated—is a glaring rejection of the rule of law, and a formal adoption of a legal system premised on royalty.

    What’s so noteworthy is how far the FBI went out of its way to make it clear that while Hillary Clinton is above the law, the rest of us remain very much at its mercy (like serfs in a kingdom).

    Before showing as much, let’s be clear about what the rule of law is, and about its mortal enemy, the rule of kings. When it comes to governance, there are two and only two systems. They are mutually exclusive. Either the law is reigns supreme over the land, or men do. It’s one or the other.

    Since its inception, the U.S. has self-identified as a nation of laws, not of men. The U.S., of course, has never lived up to this impossibly perfect ideal, but there is no dispute whatsoever that the rule of law is the reigning ideal against which justice is measured. The negation of the rule of law is the reign of a king (or queen).

    The American implementation of the rule of law has several corollaries, including:

  • MsLiberty

    This is for SGT Rpt:

    Get into the Tartus and go back to the days of Whitewater scandal investigation and see who you find carrying water for the Clintons.

  • Karma Respect

    It comes down to trust.

    Would you trust Hiliary Clinton with classified material?

    Is it possible to trust Hiliary Clinton as the President of The United States with classified material?

    If not then how can she get your vote.

  • fonestar

    Bitcoin has massively outperformed Gold & Silver this year. Don’t be like a dumb fucking Zerohedge reader. Order your Bitcoins today!

    • Why more people haven’t yet is beyond me, if only because bitcoin’s highly limited market cap ensures that people only have to buy one or two should the “grand decentralized crypto experiment” pan out in their favor. A single bitcoin could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 10 years, and a small gamble on it only costs one $640. A few months ago, it only cost one $220 or so.

      I sold 15 ounces of silver to help subsidize an altcoin miner back in early 2013. It was just decommissioned last month with the rise of X11 ASICs. The cards were sold for more than I bought them for used back in the day, and the profits have purchased me far more silver (and of course bitcoin) than if I’d simply sat on those ounces. Had a lot of fun with it, to boot.

      Mostly, I use bitcoin – I sell Nintendo reproduction cartridges and pay my hosting/DNS bills in it. Beats the pants off running it through a financial institution and thus, the Fed wire. As a broke-ass Millennial, gold and its hefty premiums are beyond my reach. Fractional bitcoin and silver, however? Those assets I can save in month-to-month.

      Even when compared to my silver holdings, which are multiples higher than bitcoin, the vast majority of my net worth is in “living capital.” I’m finishing construction on my own “permitless” cabin in rural Michigan, have taken the land off-grid with plenty of solar and wind, and have been starting a permaculture orchard and garden. Some bitcoin I bought in 2011 on a whim made a good portion of this possible.

      I set out to “be the change you want to see in the world.” Bitcoin is a part of that change and it couldn’t have manifested if I didn’t take the leap (as when I did, I was still “on the fence” about it). It’s not too late for readers to do the same! Just a small holding will suffice.

      Ready for “the halvening,” fone? 😉

  • In other Third World countries clear examples of government corruption like this would result in a National Work Stoppage with people in the streets and the Military taking control with quick trials and firing squads, and the FBI, as a matter of Honor, would arrest the criminals within their ranks.
    Remember Rember and never forget, 240 plus 1, the day America died.

  • SweetHomeChicago

    If each state’s attorney general pursued legal action against the former secretary of state, and actually came to a legal verdict against Hillary Clinton, and if that state then removed her from ballot (lots of if’s), and through the mystical system of voting she still became president would that state then have succeeded from the union?

  • Suzanne

    I just took Ayala’s talking points, and most of his text, and went on the Texas Attorney General’s website and sent him an e-mail.
    If everyone does this within their states, it will send a clear message.

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