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Hillary Cannot Possibly Win

from Bill Still:

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8 comments to Hillary Cannot Possibly Win

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    You don’t have to “win” anything when you are the ANOINTED ONE.

    • anon

      +1, Craig Escaped Detroit. The ‘King-Makers’ have decided upon Killary ~ and woe unto anyone who gets in their way. “They” have UNLIMITED funds. Just look at how many millions they are willing to spend on Killary, while Trump largely funds his own operation. Killary is a LIAR, a MURDERER, and a THIEF, and well, that is what you need to be, to get the blessing of TPTB (The-Powers-That-Be). AND THAT, FRIENDS, IS THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. HISTORY PROVES IT, BEYOND ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

  • d

    Hillary does not need voters…her minions control the ‘voting machines’….”that’s all folks”….imho

    • anon

      +1, d. “Premier ‘Election’ Solutions” (formerly DIEBOLD), along with GOOGLE, and George Soros, among others will NO DOUBT take care of getting Killary Hinton into the White House. Who needs “voters”, anyway! That’s so ‘old school’.

      Let’s see…Hillary’s supporters most likely include most, IF NOT all of the following: W.I.C.B. (Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Goldman-Sachs, Rockefellers, et al), “Committee of 300”, European “Black Nobility”, Jesuits, Eastern (U.S.) ‘Liberal’ Establishment, “Illuminati” (Rosicrucians/Top-Level Freemasons), Freemasons, Communists, La Cosa Nostra, Ku Klux Klan, ZIONISTS, NEO-CONS, La Kosher Nostra ~ and ‘Leftists’, Socialists, (again) COMMUNISTS, and ~ LIBTARDS ~ OF ~ ALL ~ VARIATIONS.

      The above list is a list of all the MOST influential organizations in ‘the West’ that have either been CREATED by “Jews”, or HIJACKED by “Jews”, most important among them, the W.I.C.B. (Western International Central Bankers/Banking).

      • anon

        Oh, and Rothschild-Israel (est. 1948, illegally, in PALESTINE). How could I forget them? They are also part of the International La Kosher Nostra.

  • anon

    THIS is why Killary Hinton will ‘win’ in Nov.


    The ‘Black’ Nobility of Europe gained that title, due to the raw EVIL of their deeds. Most likely, they hire others to carry out those evil deeds, thus distancing themselves from their many crimes. Killary Hinton (along with Billary) and the BUSH FAMILY are low-level operatives who give the orders that come down to them, from the groups I listed above, and their many, numerous FRONT organizations, like CHATHAM HOUSE, and its U.S. branch, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), and AIPAC (among SO MANY others ~ Bilderberg, Club of Rome, ADL, Aspen Institute, CIA, Cini Foundation, Fabian Society, Fordham University, Harvard University, Knights of Malta, NATO, Princeton, Yale (Chapter 322, “Skull & Bones”), Stanford Research Institute, TAVISTOCK Institute of Human Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc., etc., etc. ad infinitum.


    Which candidate is the Zionist Neocon(Neonazi) puppet that receives bankers (Zionist Neonazis) money? These bankers are the ones who don’t ever go to jail. Yes, Hitler was a Zionist, but remember you are not suppose to know. Forget history. Watch television.

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