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Higher Gold Prices…The New Normal — Peter Schiff

from Kitco News:

Despite U.S. stocks rallying, well-known investor Peter Schiff isn’t too impressed. “Even though the Dow is at new highs today, it’s at a two- to three-year low if you price it to really money, which is gold.”

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1 comment to Higher Gold Prices…The New Normal — Peter Schiff

  • Ed_B

    I like Peter’s comments a lot but I really, Really, REALLY wish that he would not say “money” when what he really means is “currency”. These are two very different things and it does not help a bit to use them interchangeably. Those of us who know the difference between money, which is gold and silver, and currency, which is fiat Federal Reserve Notes in the US, are not confused by this sloppy commentary but people new to these issues very well could be.

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