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Government Insider Has Video Evidence 9/11 Was Absolutely an “INSIDE JOB”

by Baxter Dmitry, Investment Watch Blog:

In an explosive new documentary a former FEMA staffer given unrestricted access to Ground Zero hours after 9/11 claims that what he saw proves the attacks were an inside job by the US government – and that they are now trying to silence him by framing him for murder.

Armed with camera gear, Kurt Sonnenfeld was asked to film everything he saw. His documented evidence was supposed to form part of a FEMA report about the disaster response, but he decided to keep hold of the footage.

Then his wife was found dead on a couch in their Denver home with a bullet wound to the back of her head, and his life began to unravel spectacularly.

Fifteen years after 9/11, Sonnenfeld is now in exile in Argentina. The US government wants him back in the country. Officially, they say he’s wanted over the murder of his wife, but he claims it is for something even more sinister.

He says they want to silence him over what he saw beneath World Trade Center 6, evidence he is convinced proves the deadliest attack on American soil was an inside job by the Bush administration.


Sonnenfeld worked his way through the rubble of Manhattan’s downtown financial district, shooting hours of footage that he didnt hand in. Of particular interest was what he found beneath World Trade Center 6. He says inside the building he found a vault that had been cleared of its contents before the planes struck.

In a new documentary filmed in Argentina, Sonnenfeld said the discovery is proof that the government knew the attacks were coming – at the very least – and that there is evidence to prove they were involved in preparing the attacks.

“One thing I’m certain of is that agencies of intelligence of the United States of America knew what was going to happen and at least let it happen,” he said.

“Not only did they know it was going to happen, but they in fact collaborated.”

The theory is popular among truthers. It is given weight by a similar discovery of a basement door below World Trade Center 4.

According to a New York Times article, the door to a vault was still intact but it appeared as if somebody had tried to gain entry. Behind the vault door were nearly a thousand tonnes of silver and gold.

Sonnenfeld does not believe the official account of 9/11 and not only because of what he saw. He says he has the most trouble understanding how World Trade Center 7 collapsed despite suffering no damage.

“To me, the most suspicious thing of all is what happened to building seven at the World Trade Center,” he said.

“This building was not hit by a plane. It didn’t have any structural damage … but, amazingly enough, building seven fell in a perfect textbook type implosion, taking only 6.5 seconds for a 47-storey building to fall completely into its own footprint.

“This to me indicates there was absolutely no resistance between the floors when the building collapsed.”

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6 comments to Government Insider Has Video Evidence 9/11 Was Absolutely an “INSIDE JOB”

  • anon

    “’One thing I’m certain of is that agencies of intelligence of the United States of America knew what was going to happen and at least let it happen,’ he said.”

    Any American should at least have the mental capability to figure this much out. How is a guy, in a cave, in Afghanistan, with nothing but a laptop, and a satellite phone, going to over come the combined force of the Western (24/7) Intelligence/Surveillance Agencies: MOSSAD, MI6, GCHQ, CIA, NSA, etc.? And how are the purported hijackers, who only had minimal training at some small airport in Florida just before 9/11, going to perform the extremely difficult (if not nigh-unto-impossible) sophisticated maneuvers (that even 30-YEAR-VETERAN PILOTS SAY ~ THEY ~ COULDN’T MAKE!) required to make the turns those planes took, in the minutes and seconds prior to impact? None of it adds up. It’s as if the Western “elites” simply aren’t trying to hide or conceal their FALSE FLAG attacks any longer. They are just going to do whatever they feel like, writing the historical narrative as it suits THEIR PURPOSES.

  • Jay

    Steel melts at 2500 F. Jet fuel burns at 1800 F. Yet, we’re supposed to believe these buildings collapsed because the structural I beams melted.

  • Chris

    Aircraft aluminum cannot slice through Godzilla sided steel columns encapsulated by reinforced concrete.. ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE

  • KRELL427

    Even if they put the truth on prime time news,most of the brain dead sheep would not want out of their comfort zone.

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