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Gold Vs Manipulated Stocks & Real Estate

from Fabian4Liberty:

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  • aa

    In my view Calvo is using the fabian for liberty logo as a cover to sell his real estate products. A while ago I ordered his 99 dollar resourceful real estate investor course and was completely underwhealmed. I sent it back and requested a refund and after much persistence with a long wait I finally received a refund. As these 2 reviews point out Calvo has other much more expensive and virtually worthless products to sell and getting a refund is much more difficult on his ‘deluxe’ insider type products: As one dissatisfied customer points out there are much better and cheaper ways to locate real estate deals and I agree. is free and a great site to sift through for deals. I have many excellent real estate books which are vastly superior to anything Calvo is trumpeting and at a fraction of the cost.

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