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  • Ed_B

    LOL! The look on Dimon’s face when he looks at Blankfein says, “I’d like to smack that SOB!”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      I think Jamie’s thinking “I’m gonna steal Lloyd’s money TOO someday.”

      Or perhaps the thought is: “I’m hoarding physical silver & gold, while Lloyd has only fiat & paper investments, so I’m gonna end up with all the value & Lloyd is gonna end up with all the worthless paper products.”

      (I’m sure that they BOTH have a large physical hoard of PM’s. But I do hope there will be a LOT of super elites who don’t understand about keeping PM’s in your hands, and those without the “Hands-on approach” will be wiped out.)

      • Ed_B

        Yeah @Craig… those would work too. lol

        Of the two of them, however, only JPM is rumored to have a HUGE stash of silver. Don’t know about gold but it would not surprise me a bit if JPM had a big pile of that too. Dimon may be many things but stupid is not one of them. If there is a way to bring his bank through the coming financial collapse, it is a sure bet that he knows what it is and has taken the steps needed to ensure that JPM not only survives but prospers. A few thousand tons of silver would go a LONG way towards fulfilling that goal, IMO.

  • Steve Hayes

    Hey SGT, love the website and the message….Just figured Id let you know, that when you purchase stock in a company, you dont actually own the stock itself…The brokerage is the legal owner and you are merely the “beneficiary.” So if they dont benefit, you get zilch….Just an added element that most dont take into account….

    • SGT

      Hey Steve, I covered this issue in some detail with Bix. Cede & Co is the “owner” at the end of the day, and we doubt that in a sea of HFT and billions of shares “traded” daily that settlement ever actually occurs with physical certificates, which is why we suggest that people consider taking deliver of the physical stock certificates. Watch this:

      • Steve Hayes

        Nailed it..thanks again…missed that one….also SGT, i read news all day and like you probably come across more bunk articles than real ones, but I came across one checked it out, and its FULLY legit…Its the story on humansarefree about the 86 Challenger Mission….They really did find all but one of the astronauts alive…No one was on the rocket and you can even google them now….The easiest guy to find is the guy on the bottom left (Michael J Smith, pilot) of the famous pic where they are all sitting there with their helmets in front of them…His name is Michael J Smith, and the db never even bothered changing his name while the others did but did awful jobs…If you gogle Image search his name you will find a pic of him in NASA uniform and the very next pic is him now as an Engineering professor at Univ of Wisconsin Madison….His link at the university is up and running and he can be reached for comment by phone or email…It very rare that such a concrete “glitch” occurs and I emplore you to check it out because I havent seen the story here and its legit….Thanks

        • Moishe

          You don’t own your house, car, boat, currency either.

          • Ed_B

            If it can be taxed, it cannot be owned. It’s just that simple, folks. Anyone doubting that can try not paying the tax (tribute?) to see what happens to “their” property. It won’t be pretty.

              • KRELL427

                I don’t know if you guys have listened to Greg Morse on who owns what, this guy has it figured out better than any other I have heard

              • Ed_B

                @Eric Re: SS

                The current SS program is broken because the dumb-asses in DC paid no attention to the demographics of the coming “baby boom generation”. They allowed the SS system to pay out more than it was taking in, which is the death knell for ANY program, whether of government or private origin.

                All viable organisms take in more fuel than they need to live. The extra goes into pursuit of prey or fat that can feed the organism when prey cannot be found. All organisms that take in less energy than they need for these activities will die. It’s only a question of when and where.

                This knee-jerk program came out of the 1930s and the Great Depression that was going on at that time. It had good intentions but we all know where those tend to lead. Fact is, MANY Americans have been helped by this program. It’s not that bad a program… or wouldn’t be if it were run decently.

                But the problem with SS, Medicare, and many other US Gov run programs is that the people in charge tend to be political appointees who will always make political decisions instead of economic ones. The benefits for SS *should* have been cut back a few percent and the taxes that support the program raised a few percent YEARS ago. But while that is financially necessary, it is not politically correct, hence did not happen. Now, the integrity of the program itself is in serious jeopardy. This program WILL die because idiots in DC cannot grasp the simple math of sustainability. Currently, this program and Medicare and unsustainable and it is a fact that everything that is not sustainable WILL end… and usually in a messy and spectacular fashion.

                Added to this is the fact that many have treated the SS and Medicare programs as “set it and forget it” entities. They are not. To be sustainable, they need to be watched carefully so that even small deviations from sustainability are seen quickly and positive action is taken immediately to bring them back into line with stability and sustainability. This was not done because it is unpopular to do so. But sustainability is not about politics. It IS about math and math does not care about what is popular at the moment. It only cares about what IS.

                The old USSR was another experiment in making financial / economic decisions for political reasons. This was a LARGE contributor to their demise. It will be so with our system as well unless a new course towards sustainability is taken and quickly too. IMO, there is still a small window towards success but it is not large and it will not remain open for long. All of the time that can be wasted before disaster strikes has already been wasted. We are at the end of that road RTFN.

                Any more can-kicking activities will only seal the fate of SS, Medicare, and the US financial system as well. The truly terrible part of all this is that those in charge seem completely unaware that the time to respond to these challenges is not running out. It has already run out and is now gone.

    • JMiller


      The investor that bought the stock is not merely the beneficiary as you state. They are the beneficial owner also known as the actual owner. Big difference. Cede & Co is not really the owner. They do not decide when to buy or sell the stock. They do not get the voting rights. They do not get the dividend. The real owner does. Cede & Co is a nominee. A nominee is a person or company whose name is given as having title to a stock, real estate, etc., but who is not the actual owner. Much like an agent, custodian or a trust.

      Now is it safer to holder the actual shares of stock in certificate form? Yes in some cases it could be.

  • Eric

    I’m not selling anything. I might add to my positions however.

    • rich

      NatWest paves way for introduction of negative interest rates

      Bank warns business customers it may have to charge to accept deposits but says it has no plans to do so for personal accounts

      A major high street bank has paved the way for the introduction of negative interest rates for the first time in Britain by warning customers it may have to charge them to accept deposits.

      The warning by NatWest was made in a letter changing the terms and conditions for the bankโ€™s 850,000 business customers, which range from self-employed traders, charities and clubs to big corporations.

      It could mean that an account holder with ยฃ1,000 in a NatWest account could see that shrink to ยฃ999 or less the following year as the bank charges a negative rate of interest.

      • Ed_B

        Negative interest rates are anti-capitalism and a desperate move on the part of the banks. At the 1st sign of this, everyone who normally deals with such a bank should withdraw their money and close their accounts. If this happens to the 1st few banks who try it, you can be sure that the rest of them will change course quickly. If people continue to deal with them after this, they why not go to negative rates? When there is no punishment for bad behavior, why not engage in it? Morals and ethics would be appalled by such behavior… but then, those are not bankster strong suits anyway.

  • Andrew

    Sgtreport, What’s the best platform to buy mining stocks?

  • glitter 1

    “In the end the only thing left standing will be Gold,Silver and their related items(read:mining shares)- The late Bob Chapman

    Wish he was still with us.

  • fonestar

    The whole world will “pivot” soon to Bitcoin and crypto. Totally anonymous, unstoppable, instantaneous transfer of wealth, anywhere, anytime. Buy some now or be stuck without along with the mentally retarded ZH/SGT douchebags:

    • Eric

      Anyone can create their own cryptocurrency at anytime, anywhere, and use that as a medium of exchange without the size of the blockchain delaying transactions.

      Honest wealth = Gold and Silver
      Bitcoin = pyramid scheme

      • fonestar

        There’s nothing “honest” or “dishonest” about gold & silver. They are just metals. You sound like some anti-gun idiot that is convinced that demons occupy handguns and “assault rifles”.

        • Eric

          Poor fonestar. He still thinks if he has 2 apples and somebody gives him 3 apples, then he has 9 apples.

          You sound like someone who learned everything he knows about money by stealing it out of mommy’s purse.

          • fonestar

            I’ll fucking rob everyone’s shit up to get muh hands on more Bitcoins! I’m koo koo for Crypto Puffs!!


            • Eric

              You must be koo koo to fall for the biggest pyramid scheme of all time.

              You can’t hold it.
              It doesn’t have value in and of itself.
              It isn’t backed by anything.
              You can’t buy anything good with it.
              It has wild fluctuations in price.
              It only exists in cyberspace.

              I’ll still sell you my magic beans if you want. bitcoin not accepted.

  • Hey Sean Ive been a subscriber for a while now…I have a question about mining stocks. Would you be able to contact me by phone ?
    I live in the Cleveland area.

  • fonestar

    Get yourself into teh only reliable asset that stackers everywhere have grown to trust! Bitcoin will never be in the 3 digits again in your lifetime. Why wait? fonestars are standing by!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Scary evidence of evolution.

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