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Gold, Platinum, and Silver Speak To Us!

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

The prices of gold, platinum and silver are important and communicate valuable insights. Consider the price of monthly gold for 20 years – log scale below.

Ignore the daily and weekly gyrations, forget the self-serving pronouncements from Goldman, do not trust the paper-pushers at the Fed, and look at the big trends in the price charts.

  1. Gold in US$ is rising along with debt, currency in circulation, and economic nonsense pretending to be academic wisdom.
  2. The value and purchasing power of the dollar (euro, yen, pound etc.) is declining as governments and central bankers encourage us to drown in debt.
  3. The gold trend since 2001 has been up. Expect that trend to continue until central banks admit failure and resign, politicians actually reduce debt, or an extra-terrestrial inhabits the White House, whichever comes first.

Date Gold Price

Aug. 1971              $42.7    when Pres. Nixon did the deed

Aug. 1991              $353

Aug. 2011            $1,829

June 2016           $1,325

Examine the gold to platinum ratio, based on monthly data, and look at the big trends.

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