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Get Ready for Major Civil Unrest: Protestors Shut Down Highways, Attack Cops, Threaten Violence

by Robert Richardson, OffGrid Survival:

The New Black Panthers party and members of The Black Live Matters movement are clashing with police throughout the country, in some cases violently attacking, ambushing and shooting police. While the mainstream media is refusing to cover what’s really happening, instead pretending these are peaceful protests, we are not going to tiptoe around what’s really going on here.

Radical Hate groups are threatening to spread civil unrest, chaos, and killings across the country in some sick and twisted perversion of the civil rights movement. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with civil rights, as most of these groups are being financed by rich White liberals like George Soros and other socialist groups. In my opinion, this is all part of the federal government’s plan to nationalize the police force that was put in place shortly after Ferguson. These groups don’t care about all lives, they simply want to spread their radical ideologies and create chaos.

This is A Preparedness Issue: You need to take it seriously!

Since the Massacre in Dallas, where a member of a radical hate group gunned down 12 police officers, there have been a number of massive demonstrations that the media is refusing to cover. Last night in Baton Rouge, members of the New Socialist Party combined with the Black Panthers and the Black Live Matter Movement to shut down a major interstate highway in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Anyone who is serious about preparedness needs to take a good look at what happened last night, because it is exactly what I’ve been warning about for years, and is a perfect example of why I tell people they need to have a solid bug out plan that includes multiple routes out. If these people can close a major highway system in seconds, what do you think is going to happen when this movement of violence and chaos spreads?

For over four hours Interstate 94, west of downtown St. Paul, was completely shut down by violent protesters who chucked Molotov cocktails, fireworks, rocks, and chunks of rebar at police.

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